American Election Wrap-Up: 60 Days & Counting to election

Not a Level Playing Field:

Building on earlier report from Harvard, with new analysis from leading & iconic American media, greatly strengthens assertion & prove Hillary camp “Right” in calling out American media, as mostly & by most, bias against Hillary & soft on Trump.

& thus the Competition Result” of GOP & Dems Conventions, where during conventions greatly about direct communications, conventions so much fair competition, result “Saw” Hillary & Dems lead in popular polls & electorate, & also approval & trust, across the board “Surge Ahead Massively” from then “Ahead Massively” to this executive summary, Hillary & Dems “Were Hit” with some main scandal, like e-mail, Clinton Foundation & a host of other “Character Assassination.”

& result is Hillary & Dems lead been cut, latest, on popular, Hillary leads about 3 to 4 points) on electorate, Real Clear Politics sees Hillary ahead by about 50 points, Five Thirty Eight sees Hillary about 60% chance win.

However, with a few leading American media, such as Washington Post, with their poll & analysis, sees Hillary & Dems winning with great certainty.

For past about a month, lots Hillary grass-roots supporters been, with being mostly credible, criticized America’s media, on bias & soft

And much of the American media have been doing a soul search & many indeed agree with Hillary’s grass-roots supporters some clearly rapidly raising their performance, other accepted the biased & soft situation & yet, having difficulty raising performance.

A few other such as NBC, AP & CNN mostly rejected criticism & show sign of anger from being criticize & perhaps will dig in, deeper in old ways Campaign Report wise.

Latest is Hillary hit by a lung infection & more analysis been coming out, for weeks, by neutral & credible people & units, Trump suffer, some type at some level, of mental illness, with the base-line being 100% Trump is very narcissistic, where lying is a big problem with narcissistic disorder.

Key campaign message & tactic, for Hillary remain much the same, grass-roots people to people contact, focus policy & solution, &

& both, countering Trump offense against Hillary & Dems & also going on the offensive against Trump, but not much on GOP.

Trump wise, since Trump’s political & governing philosophy is Fascism & personally he is misogynist, racist & a bigot

Trump main strategy is to build on Americans who likes his political & governing philosophy, & also his personality.

Trump is also trying to fool other Americans, who for fundamental reasons would not support what Trump is, with some technical moves, like visit Black Church, to reach minority & placate concerns with other, mainly some white male, about his racism.

Some initial results, from these technical moves by Trump are out & indicating that Trump, expert at lying & using lies, is fooling not many.

Of debate coming up & NBC’s botch job with National Security Forum, apart most likely hurt Hillary & Dems at polls significantly

has raised alarm across America, with many, even some media themselves, of a danger, that the media, are really the ones, picking

& voting, America’s President, Congressmen & other, where the American people, in significant ways, just pawn to media.

Research & analysis by very credible & iconic, people & units been coming out & latest more, say great risk all sort, if Trump & GOP win.

Going forward, scandal wise, apart from Hillary’s lung infection, e-mail & Clinton Foundation, have much lesser chance go big

because some iconic & important American media, have realized, there not much with the story, mostly smoke built up by Trump & GOP.

And there is a “Double Standard” with the media, in hyping up Hillary negatives & grade Trump on a curve.

However, Trump & GOP, while obviously saw these reporting of the media, but show no sign of accepting, but vows to ramp up them up.

For Trump, there are 10s upon 10s of cases clear corruption, conflict of interest, failures that shows Trump character & abilities & some media calling out Trump & investigating more, however overall, again, American media, mostly & by most, still bias against Hillary

& soft on Trump & so there un-likely be an American media, sustained & continuous critical look, into Trump & his so many scandal

Here some say much of Trump supporters do not care, while other says much of them, like independent do care.

Lastly, there is a case in court allege Trump raped a 13 year old girl & the court case, last I check, start before the general election

Not appropriate sexual behavior by Trump, been observed & reported on, other have been noticed, but censored, such as incest tendencies

Highlighting Some of My Issues:

My followers know once in while I will summarize, what I think is important, in American politics, sort of a status report mix with an executive summary & we just had America’s two main political parties convention, that kicks off the general election season, for Presidency & also along the line, down tickets candidates, like members of congress.

& at convention, Dems about hope & all Americans & at GOP about despair & America for white male & best way to look at results, I think is polls, cumulative to latest & Trump’s GOP suffered massive regression, on all fronts, across the board & Dems strengthened base & advanced, again, all fronts & across the board.

I am just going to highlight a few, on issues important to me personally & please understand, on personal front, I not representative

what typical American interested in, & to me, 1st, young Americans, below 30, majority does not like Trump at all, 2nd 70-80%% American sees Trump attack Muslim family, son who died in war for America “Out of Bounds” & 40%-60% depend on what poll, GOP says it was.

And here I think the GOP as political party should gracefully; retire themselves, from issues relating to America’s National Security.

I think a critical issue in this election is “Trust” because Obama is black & there lots of racism in America & Hillary is a women, & lots of misogynist & sexism in America, so long time now, GOP exploit this, throw fake & lies conspiracy & propaganda at Obama & Hillary.

So here are my issues, young American because they are the future of America, veterans because they gave their lives and risk their lives for America & also about racism & misogynist, because these two issues, have been noted about the typical while older American male.

However, most polls indicate Americans still trust Hillary, about all issues, more than Trump & Obama’s job approval at historic high & Congress, controlled by GOP, approval rating at historic low & latest poll says majority Americans want Dems, to control Congress.

& latest polls, since both conventions & lots of poll, & about 65-70% Americans trust Hillary to lead America & 25-40% trust Trump.

Overall, depend on polls, Hillary leading Trump, about  3 to 4% & all polls, in battle ground states & lots of unexpected, Hillary & Dems strong showing & same with congress.

Electorate wise, chances of winning differ.

So lots adjustments, variety of ways, at GOP, like hitting with negative ad & lots I not into Trump.

Trump campaign itself has moistly failed & attempts have been made to get a better campaign going. Latest is putting a small far right press in charge, probably to ramp up propaganda against Hillary & attract white older racist & misogamist males.

Trump also has a new campaign manager that is trying to put a softer edge on Trump policies, such as immigration, with latest here, something along the line of “We will decide after election, if we win.

50 Day to Elections Mark:

Here we are at “50 Days Mark” before election day, so some observations & of course, many of those who support Hillary & Dems down tickets the narrowing in polls & chances of Hillary & Dems winning, is not a cause of panic, as the panic occurred earlier, when much of American media continued their bias against Hillary & Dems, & at same time soft on Trump & GOP.

So those like me quite long expected somewhat close race.

Coming up we have debates & most on Hillary side, expect Hillary to defy debate rules & point out when Trump lying, if moderators do not

Trump is master of lying & using lies to gain advantage & he knows, getting away with lies at highly important times critical his success.

All those “100s upon 100s of Correction” of Trump lies, after the fact, has little impact, since they are again, after event & registered with impact on voters.

But hopefully, Hillary will not let Trump get away with lying in debates & so likely, plus Hillary’s solid policies so Hillary should do better than Trump in debates.

But again, as many media expert have noticed, Trump has sent his 10s of surrogates

& saturating the media, with statements that gets little live fact check because it is not Trump, a person most media now recognized as a pathological lying all the time, doing the talking.

Other than debate, Americans are currently, being saturated & shower with direct communications & my sense of the situation here is, on human to human contact & info, Hillary & Dems have the advantage & on advertisement on typical American coffee table, lots of print information & on TV, lots of advertisement, then there is radio, internet, fund raising, ect.

My sense here is that many voters probable, knows the issues, weighting issues together & open to new information, & for me which is not your undecided, independent or sway-able, but still, I think on issues, every-day life & critical issues like nuclear button much of the voters also prefer Hillary & Dems, but with Hillary, there is the negatives.

Fact wise however, not much meat to negatives, & perhaps, Hillary will address this trust & negative issues.

Just a reminder, last Presidential election, Obama & Romney, poll said it would be close & if I am not wrong polls said Romney win.

But election result is that Obama won pretty big & the only reason GOP got Congress, was because Dems did not vote down ticket Some point to what historically tend to happened at second term President & Congress happene so GOP gain in Congress with Obama win, was in-line with history.

One of planet’s biggest fund management company & here we are talking Black Rock, “Did Not” endorse Trump & GOP, & actually worried & the top man at Black Rock, echoed a concern President Obama had, that because ugliness in this campaign, voter turn out low.

Well, my summary for “50 Day Point Is” is, basically, as President Obam’s words, “We Vote We Win”


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