A Critical Issue in the American Election? Trust

My followers know once in while I will summarize, what I think is important, in American politics, sort of a status report mix with an executive summary & we just had America’s two main political parties convention, that kicks off the general election season.

For Presidency & also along the line, down tickets candidates, like members of congress & at convention, Dems about hope & all Americans & at GOP about despair & America for white male & best way to look at results, I think is polls, cumulative to latest & Trump’s GOP suffered massive regression, on all fronts, across the board & Dems strengthened base & advanced, again, all fronts & across the board.

I am just going to highlight a few, on issues important to me personally & please understand, on personal front, I not not representative

what typical American interested in, & to me, 1st, young Americans, below 30, majority does not like Trump at all, 2nd 70-80%% American sees Trump attack Muslim family, son who died in war for America “Out of Bounds” & 40%-60% depend on what poll, GOP says it was.

And here I think the GOP as political party should gracefully; retire themselves, from issues relating to America’s National Security.

I think a critical issue in this election is “Trust” because Obama is black & there lots of racism in America & Hillary is a women, & lots of misogynist & sexism in America, so long time now, GOP exploit this, throw fake & lies conspiracy & propaganda at Obama & Hillary.

However, all polls indicate Americans still trust Hillary, about all issues, more than Trump & Obama’s job approval at historic high & Congress, controlled by GOP, approval rating at historic low & latest poll says majority Americans want Dems, to control Congress.

& been few weeks now, since both conventions & lots of poll, & about 65-70% Americans trust Hillary to lead America & 25-40% trust Trump.

Overall, depend on polls, Hillary leading Trump, about 7-8% & all polls, in battle ground states & lots of unexpected, Hillary & Dems strong showing & same with congress.

So lots adjustments, variety of ways, at GOP, like hitting with negative ad & lots I not into Trump.

Trump campaign itself has moistly failed & attempts have been made to get a better campaign going. Latest is putting a small far right press in charge, probably to ramp up propaganda against Hillary.

Trump also has a new campaign manager that is trying to put a softer edge on Trump policies, such as immigration.


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