Mike Pence, Damning the Bible & His Christian Roots, Spur Bullying in America’s Schools

America’s largest group of educators, calling themselves “The Education Vote” just made a call on Trump to stop hi bullying, because children are copying him, & bullying is on the rise in American school.

You know, for a variety of difficult & complex causes, I am a strong Christian & many Goth have said there is something about Black Wing Angle about me & this angle means, if u see them only in times of danger, they there to protect u, as u warrior/guardian.

Lots of historic records broken in recent years, like Hillary first women Presidential candidate of a major American political party to Republic Party Club, at one of oldest, global most prestigious & best academic university, Harvard, first time, no endorse Trump, a Republican nominee for President, to CIA boss, first time, called an American presidential candidate, Trump, a danger & threat to America

But for me as a strong Christian I have no idea why, I been activist for a long time & often pointed out, what people are, but I never called anyone “Evil” & but today, I think I saw “Evil” for the first time, in this American election.

And  to me, Trump’s Presidential running mate, Pence is “Evil” so here, as many historical records broken recently, historical record broken about me.

You know, many people say, this America election critical for so many reasons & many say it a while back Hillary had an video, showing American young children looking at, when Trump is on TV & Hillary asked what is Trump teaching American children & so what Hillary is saying,

is that this election is also about future of American children so again, like is this Trump what you want your children to see on TV as an example.

And you know, here is a fact, study showed, because of Trump, there more bullying in schools.

And on Pence, yesterday, I saw Pence, with a video, made to look exactly like Hillary’s video on children & Trump, but this one on children & Republicans talking about Bengazi, & u know, even poll says 71% of Americans see Bengazi as political meaning fake & lies, & also Bengazi has been “Debunked.”

& Pence, is like the poster boy for the NRA at Congress, keeping Congress from doing nothing on gun violence in America.

But I never called any Republican or Republican Party “Evil” before, and for me mainly, it is about children.

The Republicans, of course, so awful, on so many level & so many issues, like what to do with them & all the damages & risks, they do & bring, to the planet & also internally of America, like economic & nuclear war risks.

For me, again it is the children, u know, several iconic people globally, said basically children are the future of humankind. And u can see the soul of people & a country, by looking at what happen to children there

& u know, like Koch & Republicans, been messing with American school books, long time now, denying science on environment.

And like u look at Red States, like Texas, Education people there, is doing lots of “History Revisionism” to history books & on other books filling them with “Republican Philosophy” & I said this before, two consequences here, first, American kids fall behind global kids, & secondly, internal of America, this prolong & keeps, all the so many problems, like racism, misogynist, extremism, going & going.

So, like I said, I do not like Republican propaganda mud sling on Hillary but I do not go around calling people “Evil”.

But that video I saw, of Pence, with Republican talking about Bengazi for children to hear, is basically, installing all the ugliness & nastiness, of Republican Party, into innocent children.

Meaning giving children a story like Bengazi,  proved fake & lies, and embedded hatred into children, for Republicans to gain politically. For me as Christian Goth, this action by Pence is evil.

I want to add something very important & critical, Pence is like the NRA’s poster-boy, keeping Congress kiss NRA’s butt & doing nothing on gun violence.

And the NRA, just posted a link on its website, to an extremist group, who reject Abraham Lincoln, freeing slave & u know, research found “White Extremist” is more dangerous to Americans than ISIL & the fact is White Extremist, kills more American than ISIL.

I mean, like believe it or not, I urge u to do research on this, but after Newton, where that mass shooting incident killed so many children, NRA said Newton, is great for the gun business, as profits for the gun industry went up after Newtom.


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