I Cannot Believe the Secret Service Let This Pass: Trump’s Dog Whistle for Hillary Assassination

Like much Americans, I am shocked at Trump’s latest, dog-whistle, for Hillary to be assassinated & then Trump statements that came after & yes, I saw all the out-raged at Trump’s words & for me, I am lost of words at what to say, & so I went considering, the whole picture, as far as I know, about Trump as related violence & yes, lots of people now bring up Trump past on this.

I guess the earliest in Trump back-ground as exposed to violence tendencies, is probably Trump father, being arrested for attending a KKK gathering & we all know the KKK’s track record on lynching & so Trump is raised by a KKK.

Then maybe, Trump became someone with little sense apathy for other people, probably from having Joseph McCarthy’s henchman as mentor.

Then of course, someone with violent roots & little apathy for other, goes on in life having a career & family, & look at how he screw people, left & right, & anyone, for money, & how he treats his wife, for example, if u believe one of his ex-wife, Trump forced sex on to her, in other words, raped her, & I guess the next indicator of violence with Trump, first one big news is that Trump life-long butler, called for killing Obama.

So like just guess, the conversation between Trump & his butler about that type of things, going way back what they talked about. & then a while back someone connected with Trump campaign also called for assassination of Obama again. & then, of course, who can forget, all the violence at Trump’s gathering in the early days, with Trump urging his supporters to beat up protesters & he will pay the legal expenses

Then on Trump gathering, I think it was New York Times, but it was great journalism, exposed Trump a gathering, when few journalist & TV news around & that video, showed how lots of Trump supporters, just simply put, filled with violent insanity, like calling for all to be killed. & then, of course more, a string of endorsement, from KKK to American Nazi, all very violent groups, to by other really extremist fringe of American society.

Then look at Trump’s running mate, Pence, the poster child for the NRA, keeping Congress OK with NRA flooding America with guns. & u look at the NRA, what they say after mass shooting, like after Sandy Hook, lots kids got killed & believe it or not NRA said Sandy Hook was great for the gun business & gun industry profit went up & so this latest from Trump on Hillary.

Then with latest, comes news of the Secret Service, had to increase security to some journalist , because of Trump hostility to the journalist.

All I hope, Secret Service, really, beef up security for Hillary & as for Trump, shame to America, have him running for President. And for the planet, just look at nuclear war risk Trump has bring.


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