If Lincoln & Eisenhower Were Alive Today, They Would Not Vote Republican Party

Other day Obama said he was worried about GOP with Trump rise & I am a supporter of Obama, while not agree everything he says & do, I listen to him always & I have no idea, why Obama said that, but I asked myself, am I worried about the GOP with Trump?

& I really do not like the GOP philosophy, politics & governing at all, personally, I like many in the GOP, like Ryan, Mitt, Rubio, Jeb & can u believe it, I even like Cruz & so yes, I agree with Obama, I am worried & thinking of how to help.

& the best I can come up with, is that, when Hillary made history, that really hurt the ego of Trump & his people, so they went & search for something historical about Trump to boast about, & they came up with Trump, got most votes in GOP primary & my apology to Trump if I got this wrong, but I do not pay much attention to Trump, but I heard he said Eisenhower was great guy but he beat Eisenhower, again, in getting most votes in Republican primary.

But fact is, when Eisenhower ran for President in 1951, US population was about 150 million, today 330 million & Eisenhower, ran on being a great war hero & icon of the plant that just saved the planet from Nazi & Fascism, & Trump won, was about a Racist Authoritarian, many credible people say is Neo Fascist that preying on the weak minded, with bad morally & ethics.

And to lots of American, Trump is globally embarrassment for America & so to GOP & other anti-trump, there is no need to be scared or impress with Trump rise.

He did not beat Lincoln or Eisenhower & did not rose from the good side of America, but from the opposite side, that un-fortunately, the GOP has been cultivating and building up for years and years.

But no pointing fingers here and blaming, as what done is done.

& that is about all the help I can give GOP, & if I was to add anything, when my life is a mess, I usually listen to music to be happy, I am a Christian so I go to Church to find peace & I think of history that inspires me.

So my suggestion to those in the GOP, hurting from Trump rise, is to maybe, have a little fun, like go to a party, then seek some peac through whatever spiritual guidance u believe in & think of moments that inspire you in history, like maybe Lincoln or Eisenhower.

Simply stated, maybe the GOP, should think back, when the GOP was so great, political party, inspiring Americans & global people for decades upon decades.


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