Silicon Valley: Hillary’s Vision of Strong American Family Has Tech Optimistic

Silicon Valley is about “Disruption” as the famous couch says: “We do not respect tradition, we only respect innovation”.

Hillary, as part of her campaign for American President, just unveiled her Technology Policies a few weeks ago, in what most Silicon Valley observer said, is what Silicon Valley wanted & in fact, Silicon Valley newspaper, months ago, endorsed Hillary for President.

But what is actually, Hillary impact on Silicon Valley?

About a year ago, in Silicon Valley, there was sort of argument going on, about those who “Engaged Most” in entrepreneurship & innovation.

Argument was about, some say, those who engaging in entrepreneurship & innovation are mostly people who looked into past, other said, it is those that look at the current situation & while other said that entrepreneur & innovators, mostly look at future.

And all three groups, search for solutions & hopefully to make it rich & make life better.

Argument went on for a while, even some Silicon Valley iconic figure joined in & made comments & in time, argument died off.

The whole argument was fascinating to me, like where does entrepreneurship & innovation comes, mainly from?

Does it come from looking back, looking at current or looking at future.

So I followed the argument & someone said, basically, there are two issues.

Professionally, entrepreneurs & innovators, may focus mostly, on looking at the past, current or future, for solutions, but personally, in their life very one lives in a full spectrum, of past, current & future, & I thought that was such a great summary of the whole argument.

Then another person raised the issue of Hillary, saying that Hillary’s focus on the well being of the American family, will be great for tech, & this person cited, the family unit.

“The family, is about the past, present and future & entrepreneurship & innovation, is about past, present and future,” this person said.

I did not participate in argument, for me, life is simple, I just a write, happy with my life & believe people are learning beings.

But like some philosopher says, there are those, do not learn & these that do not learn, going no-where & just in a circle.

Anyway, I bought this whole issue up, because today history was made, Hillary, a women, got the delegates, be nominee Democrat Party.

& so I was thinking about the implications, of this historic milestone, & so thinking about the implications, took me to thinking

& remembering, about that argument at Silicon Valley.

& What does Hillary, being the first women, winning the nomination from a major political party mean?

Well, a girl, not even 10 yet, wrote Hillary, saying Hillary, proves to her, a women can become anything.

And in Silicon Valley, with diversity & inclusion problems, perhaps can learn from Hillary, breaking the “Glass Ceiling” in becoming the first women, to win the nomination, of a major political party, to run for the Presidency.




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