How Hard is Out of the Closet Decision? Harder for LBGT or Harder Trump Voter

I am from San Francisco & please excuse me, I forgot the name of this iconic press, but this press said:

“In California coming out as a Trump supporter is harder than coming out as Gays:.

For those that is new, to this long-time American political struggle, way back, there were talk about “Revisionism of History” &  so lets take a “Non-Historical-Revisionism” look, first, if anyone cares to remember, at the start of Trump campaign he was urging his supporters to go violent on protesters & violently throwing out protesters from his gathering.

& Trump actually said, do not be concern about those violent action, as he will pay for the legal cost in the defense of those violence.

& who is Trump & Trump supporters?

Trump is an ignorant bigot, racist, misogynist, close to the KKK & even Conservatives have long warned that Trump is qan “Authoritarian” & many credible people, goes further & says Trump is “Neo-Fascist”.

& nthat history of Trump, is a fact, that many know.

& who is Trump supporters? Of course, it is a mix of Racist, White Supremacist & people like Ryan, meaning they know, but no care.

& so can these Trump supporters be embarrassed, and so making it hard to “Come Out” than gays in California?

& what is California people? California people mostly Liberals & so what do u expect, when u come out as a Trump supporter, in California. Except for a lots of trolling of them, of being ignorance bigot.

So yes, of course, Trump supporter coming out in California is more difficult than Gays, but this only means “ Today”.

I am not going to get into argument what is right or wrong, on Liberty/Freedom, but in Germany & other, they ban Nazi.

& I am from San Francisco & that iconic press may not know, the price Gays in San Francisco, had to pay, to come out & in one case way back, when Gays start came out big-time, two of San Francisco’s city councilmen, openly Gay, were murdered.

They were murdered because they were gays & please excuse me, I do not remember their names.

I have no conclusions to this series of tweet for u, please feel free to decide & make your own  judgment.


For me, I am just so full of joy & happiness, big majority of Californian Dems, recent vote, support Hillary & this should be a signal to everyone.


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