Jungian: Do we plug into a some type of “Collective Grid” when we sleep?

Well, most people in Washington DC & San Francisco are probably, deep into sleep & at this time, in their time zones & many likely entering or entered deep sleep stage, if their mental health is healthy & normal, so I am like no idea what do on twitter.

It is day time in my time zone, so I am wide awake thinking of consciousness & unconsciousness.

Carl Jung, the famous psychology, often talks about a concept he calls, “Collective Consciousness”. Technically Collective unconsciousness is defined as: Collective unconscious, a term coined by Carl Jung, refers to structures of the unconscious mind which are shared among beings of the same species.

As with most people in my Tweetmap says, is my most popular cities, meaning lots of reception to my tweets, off the 2016 human-made, internet grid & entered a different grid, meaning sleep & dream state grid.

& on this, I came across some interesting writings by my favorite psychologist Carl Jung & Jung is a fascinating psychologist & I would recommend, anyone, pick up a book on Jung & his explanation of the “Dream State”.

But I think u should also research Jung’s theories, in general, as while there many criticism, he actually made lots of very logical & scientific observations.

For example, he and the famous psychologist Freud, would argue at times, & Jung asked Freud, how does a baby bird, not taught by parents, to be scared of preditor birds, like Eagles, still immediately, try to fly away, from Eagles, when these baby birds, just left the nest & learn how to fly, with no instructions from parents to be scared of this or that.

To Jung, this means there are some fundamentally knowledge and learning, that are embedded and processed, perhaps in the DNA or from somewhere else, such as the un-known, paranormal world.

So Jung has many observations, that backed up his theories, & for those who does not know much about psychology, Freud & Jung, were about same in being famous in their times, which they became famous in, in history of psychology & in fact, they corresponded & had a friendly competition.

I will admit my bias, that I lean towards believing in the paranormal, for a very long time now, because of my reading, much of Jung’s work, but also recently, in the past 5 to 10 years, some Quantum Physics, suggests supernatural exists & with my, a great love of a Catholic girl, I came to believe in God.

But not the same God, as spelled out by Christians, but a God, that is to me, quite a mystery as to what the God is, actually & in fact.

But still, again, while Jung’s theories, can seem very difficult for many to accept, there are lots of logical & scientific observations backing him up.

So what is consciousness and unconsciousness? Is is just awareness we are speaking about?

And like baby birds, is there some type of “Common Grid to Human Consciousness & learning?”

All the answers continue to be very difficult to answer, but one thing is certain, sit is till difficult, to argue with Jung, on lots of points.

& some of Jung’s points comes from self-hypnotics & that makes things even more difficult to understand.


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