How Does This Sound Global People? Trump Plans to Kick Out 10 to 15 Million People

Today, I went to research on “Illegal Immigrants” because Trump says he will deport them & I came across a fair look on the issue, from an economic point of view, in an article by Wall Street Journal.

& Wall Street Journal took a look at “Arizona” as a test case, for America, if Trump becomes President & deport illegal immigrants.

Wall Street Journal took no position but just laid out “Facts & Reality” of Arizona’s tough anti illegal immigrant laws & WSJ quoted the respected credit rating agency Moody as saying that Arizona lost 2% of GDP per year, from 2008 to 2015 as illegal immigrants left Arizona.

& Arizona’s GDP (about US$ $260 billion 2011) so estimate is Arizona lost about US$25-35 billion in GDP between 2008 to 2015.

However, Wall Street Journal did point out a backer of Arizona’s tough immigration law saying Arizona spends about US$1 billion (if figure correct) a year for legal & illegal immigrants & so from 2008 to 2015, Arizona saved US$8 billion.

Wall Street Journal also pointed out to “A Myriad” or inter-connecting “Facts & Reality” of Arizona’s tough immigration laws programs, for example, with illegal immigration gone, wages went up, but also came with scarcity of available labor, impacting many industries, pushing up prices and causing inflation.

Also without the illegal immigrants, many part of the Arizona’s economy that is tired to illegal immigrants work, collapsed

Of course, there is more to illegal immigrants’ story than their impact on the economy, such as their life stories as fellow humans

For example, again, entire communities in Arizona, where illegal immigration lives, collapse leaving real estate, commercial enterprise & other out of business, along with their cultural centers.

But what of legal immigration?

Today, I went to research on “Legal Immigrants” & I came across a Trump adviser on America’s “Secret Sauce” being educated legal immigrants.

& this Trump adviser said if it was not for educated legal immigration, America’s scientific community (i.e. Silicon Valley) would collapse &  this Trump supporter said that many of these educated legal immigrants “Are Leaving America”.

& so I went to research What is America up against globally, when it comes to attracting “Educated Legal Immigrants” & the result is not great for America Economist.

Intelligence Unit’s where-to-be-born index (previously called the quality-of-life index, abbreviated QLI) measure which country will provide the best opportunities for a healthy, safe and prosperous life in the years ahead & America was ranked 16 after most in Europe.

& also Mercer’s Quality of Life Ranking, which looks at 39 factors impacting quality of life, only one American city, San Francisco, made it towards the higher ranking of the list, against mostly after Europe.

& if one looks into the details of those rankings, factors such as “Gender Equality” & “Violence” & “Peaceful Society” are considered. These are factors, that the American Republican party will not address, such as gun control.

The planet “Is Competing” for highly educated people to help their countries develop & again, America looks to be in weak position on being able to offer those highly educated immigrants a good place to live & good quality of life.

& now, on top of those weak American global rankings, the news about Trump, a widely accepted globally as “Ignorant racist misogynist bigot” as an American Presidential candidates, hits the planet.

& globally, educated people, must be, apart from wondering, has the Americans gone insane, many educated globally must be asking, if Trump becomes American president, what will America turn into.


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