Clint Eastwood & Susan Sarandon: Hollywood Dos Produce Celebrities with Weird Politics

Man, I am very down to earth, so never really been into issues like celebrity & because I down to earth so with American politics I head to the grass-roots, to follow American politics, but of course, if u been following American politics, at grass-roots level so nasty & ugly.

Of course, all the nastiness & ugliness with Trump, is natural extension of his so horrific positions, so I give no shit.

But man, yes, like so most, I did not expect Bernie & his supporters to be so nasty & ugly.

So I got so sick of grass-root politics, like I totally bailed, my down to earth charcter & went the other direction & look at celebrity & politics.

And a twitter friend told me, 3 of top 15, all time best (that ranking) American male actor endorse Hillary.

Yes, when it comes to male actor & politics, Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson & Robert De Niro are all supporters of Hillary are they are super great

But there is also other male actor who active in American politics & a twitter friend said Johnny Deep, yes, lol, Captain Jack Sparrow, warning Americans about Trump.

But on male actor & politics, yes, of course, so sad, Clint Eastwood endorses Trump. But on Clint Eastwood, lets not forget he made a movie “American Sniper” that, apart from mega glorified war, was factually not correct& he was criticized.

And  yes, Clint Eastwood, retracted on making that film & said few words, but they were, his critics are correct.

There lots of reports, on celebrity endorsements in this American political cycle & for me, the most disappointed, is too see, is many Black/African rapper & hip-hop artist, supporting Trump & Bernie, as by now who does not know what about Trump racism & Bernie many questionable characters.

Also a female actor, that I love so freaking much, Susan Sarandon, is so totally “Hateful” at Hillary, anything goes, but then Susan support

Bernie & by now, who does not know about Bernie’s totally, nasty, hateful & negative campaign against Hillary.


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