This Americans Election is Actually an IQ & EQ Test & If Trump Win, Back to School Time

you know me, been saying long-time, I am global in perspective, liberal democracy westerner in politics & Californian in culture & way of life.

So what I am saying, is that I think I am well informed & knows what is going on.

& I often came across twitters, from non American, global people, saying like “Come on Americans, what is wrong with u, why u voting for Trump”

& for past week, lots & lots news show just how horrible & ignorant Trump is & bad news is, right after those weeks of news on Trump, exposing Trump to what he is, latest poll say Trump ahead Hillary by about 3 points and gained 1 point.

Of course, like many Americans I love America very much & hope America the best, & this is why I am support Hillary.

I think for most observers, globally, her character & policies that she demonstrated since start of this American election cycle, is way ahead of Trump.

I cannot explain to you why, in past week, with so much expose, of how awful, horrible & ignorance Trump is, but he is doing better in that latest poll.

But I live in an Asian country, run by a dictator, so country very dysfunctional with mostly Orwell 1984 mind control & yet weeks & weeks ago, a local person, in this Asian country I at, said: “My American friends said Trump will be president, because you would not believe how many stupid Americans there are”.

And he said, “We will find out how stupid Americans are in this election”.

& just the other day, I think it was either Washington Post or New York Times, said the problem with Trump rise, is “Lots of Americans refuse to see, that they are being con by Trump”.

But most American press are not like these two & as most who are informed now know, Trump rose in American politics, because of how awful & horrible, American journalism, that let Trump get away with so much lies & scam.

& reason I am posting this series of tweet, is because, while I love America & will continue campaigning for Hillary & against Trump, I think global people should brace for how stupid Americans are & prepare for a Trump Presidency.

How best to brace for how stupid Americans are, if u look at Trump & GOP, I think oppression & suppression globally up. I think global economy lose much of whatever growth traction & momentum current going on & I think better global environment sinks.

To me, of course, as a Californian, meaning so I am an America, I am disappointed in how so many Americans are so stupid they support Trump.

But please do not blame the American that much, the Republicans for years & years, have been pumping fear into ignorance in America & the result is of course, hate.

And hate is a fertile ground for Trump and his awful, horrible & ignorance ways, to whip into frenzy.

Is there hope for America & planet? Yes, I think there hope that Hillary will become America’s president, but again, I think you should brace yourself for Trump.


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