Forbes Magazine: If you want better economic performance vote Democratic Party

You know research has found, and the research was published in Psychology Today Magazine, that liberals are more intelligent than conservatives & another found that lower intelligence is linked to racism & prejudice.

But in a democracy, majority wins & in the American case, there is also the electorate & the reason, I am bringing this issue up is because from all the things Trump been saying, obviously, like a GOP speech writer says, something is wrong about Trump & to many observers like the writer of Harry Potter, Trump is an ignorant bigot, to name a few.

But the problem is not just Trump, the American Congress is controlled by the GOP damaging America such as with obstructionist, even to block America’s budget & just look at all the chaos Trump had done so far to global diplomacy & global economics.

So imagine President Trump with a GOP Congress& again u just look at all the damage GOP done to America during the Obama administration &  yes, of course, social justice will tank massively with a Trump Presidency & GOP Congress, & yes, of course, oppression & suppression globally will increase.

But I want to stress on business & economics, because yesterday, Forbes Magazine had an article that if u looking for better economic & business Performance for America, vote Democrat, because historically American economic & business perform better under Democrats.

And why?

Last week I had a twitter series, comparing San Francisco Bay Area’s tech scene to North Carolina’s tech scene where both started way back years ago & San Francisco tech scene is light years ahead.

& then I compared San Francisco Bay Area’s Liberalism to North Carolina’s conservatism & one reason North Carolina way behind, is perhaps, as that research found, liberals are smarter than conservative.

& look at America’s growth, not the whole country, but the 52 states, & overall, in general, states where Dems govern has better economic performance, but as I said, in a democracy, majority governs, not those that are smarter over those that are not.

I love America very much, this is why I support Hillary, but if Trump becomes President with a GOP Congress, brace for the consequences.


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