The hate Trump & hate Hillary Crowd: Roots Cause Far From Same

Yes, it is a fact, that top Republicans said, a few years back, that they saw Hillary’s numbers being so great, everyone thought she was un-beatable.

So yes, it is a fact, Republicans said so they put together the Bengazi investigations on Hillary, and yes, it is a fact, the Republicans said, look at her numbers now (meaning after the investigations).

Of course, if you been following the latest on Bengazi, there is nothing there, meaning Hillary did nothing wrong.

But lately, there been lots of comparison & reports in the press, that this American election, is about two candidates, that are much “Hated” by Americans.

But lets looks at this issue of “Hate” deeper than the press have.

Like many, I would love to see Dems unite, but as many pointing out, Bernie is running a very nasty negative campaign on Hillary, so what do you expect, other than lots of hate being created by Bernie towards Hillary.

Then Trump & his people like really, does anyone need an explanation how so utterly negative campaign they been running on Hillary.

Then with the non Trump GOP, there lots of most of them been running a really hated campaign on Obama & now Hillary is not distancing herself from Obama, so of course, al that hate on Obama, gets thrown to Hillary.

& u look at Hillary & supporter, mostly, there not much hate in what they doing or up-to, meaning there is not much negative campaigning on especially Bernie & not much Trump, other than pointing out what the GOP says of Trump in the past.

So of course, Bernie & Trump are much spared of hatred.

How much spared?

Well, Hillary is loved & supported, by millions upon millions more Americans looking at the votes she gotten so far, than Trump & Trump is way ahead of Bernie.

& Trump, apart from being much spared of hatred, from Hillary and supporter, is also spared from Bernie & his supporters as Bernie & his supporter, targets Hillary.

& so in sum, what I just pointed out, is why the statistics on hate, is the way it is. And just a note, this is why Hillary, had asked, people, not to compare here to Trump, because with her, the hatred is the result of mostly, the Bengazi type of negative smear campaign


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