California: From 1960s Summer of Love to 2016 Summer of Hate

There a research, summarized by a map, on American by researchers led by psychologist and American expat Jason Rentfrow of the University of Cambridge.

The research literally mapped Americans mood, with state-by-state ratings of personality and temperament,

I consider myself an American, particularly, a Californian & the American Presidential campaign has started to come to California.

Of course, Trump & Sanders, are bringing up, everything that is wrong with America, as the way to empower their campaign & naturally, when one is talking about everything that is wrong, that fundamental in itself, is a highly negative stance.

& added to that Trump & Sanders, having little reservations, against punching below belt, with anything no matter how nasty & hateful, so in sum a “Summer of Hate” being bought to California by Trump & Sanders.

& in fact, a few weeks back, I blogged on this, that a “Summer of Hate” hitting California

Polls says Trump has little chance of wining the Presidency & Bernie, mostly lost the Democrat Party nominee for the Presidential race.

& Yet Trump & Bernie, continues their onslaught.

Bernie even opted do anything & everything, including trashing Dems prospects, to put his movement first.

And news today is, at a Trump rally in California, Californians who support Trump & Californians who are anti Trump, clashed violently.

On Sanders in California, while several long standing polls, see Hillary way ahead, some polls do sees Sanders doing better, but Sanders highly negativity campaign has been spreading in California & like Trump’s campaign, is bring lots of divisiveness to the state.

As Californian, I am from Santa Cruz, a surf town that has since I lived there, been a very Green way of life and we are talking California’s 60s hippie movement & “Summer of Love” never died away much, from Santa Cruz.

& u know, being green means being a community & when I first went to live in Santa Cruz, it was a massive culture shock.

But one thing I can tell you, from becoming integrated with Santa Cruz’s green community, is that we are very laid back, relaxed & very creative, always looking to be more green, do more green & smarter at green & literally, we love a peaceful life.

My response, to Trump & Sanders, full of anger & hate, everything wrong & my solution only solution, in California & getting votes, is that I am embarrassed.

As a Californian, I love California very much. But Trump and Sanders are hurting California. Also, California’s reputation globally is being hit hard by this Presidential race, for example, again, the violent clash between Trump & anti Trump news went global.

So I just want to give my twitter friends & followers, some information, about Californians.

In America, Californians are ranked 2nd in “Openness” & only one in three American states, with people who are “Relaxed & Creative” California, global center, two of planets “Biggest Industries that Creates” being Hollywood’s entertainment industry & Silicon Valley’s tech.


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