Obama says you got to work with other people

Well, I admit, I miss President Obama a lot & I do not know why, maybe I am seeing so much of other American politician lately. So normally, I do not follow what is going at the White House much, except what Mitchell & the Obama kids are up to.

But yesterday, I admit again, I miss Obama so much, I twitter stalked the White House, looking for Obama, lol. If u wonder what the heck, I saying, stalked the White House?

There were two events at the White House yesterday open for people to see, & one was on sustainable energy & the other on America’s natural, national parks & like, I was disappointed, Obama no show.

So I said to myself: “Well, I really miss President Obama so too bad for me, Obama no show, bummer” but like real later on, the White House posted a picture of President Obama, as a young teen, standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, with a Obama statement.

I smiled to myself, said mission accomplished, stalk White House paid off & Obama’s statement great, like much his statements, I love it.

President Obama, is one of those President, cares lots & so jumps in, lots of time, to join discussions Americans talking about, so lots statements.

One statement, on a topic, I think relevant, to Presidential race, is President Obama, said America is a big sophisticated complex democracy.

Yes I know, many do not agree there, believing there is an oligarchy, but what I really like is in the same talk, President Obama also said: “You got to work with other people”.

How can anyone, in any situation, in any profession, dispute that?

You know, America these days, is filled with stubborn politicians, refusing to work with other, for so who knows why i.e. you have Bernie & Trump revolutions/movements, totally fill with anger & hate, racism & sexism, yelling & screaming, at other: “This is the way & the only way”.

And like I been sitting & listening to since the start & u know what? The latest: Is Bernie is going to try to wrangle super delegates away from Hillary & Trump is going to have a 2.0 Version.

What does those two example means? The examples means Bernie & Trump “This is the way & the only way” that they been insisting, is full of nonsense, otherwise, why will Bernie have to steal super delegates and Trump with a new version.

You know, I just want to ask Bernie & Trump, can they just please learn to work with other people & get along with other people.

These guys are not the center of the universe & like just look at America’s problems: Working together to solve the problems is required


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