Martin Luther King: “Hate is too big a burden for me to carry”

The odds I gave going into the New York vote, of Hillary winning big, was about 80% based on how she did in the past, in Diversified demographic, rich (in history, culture, basic way of life, life style & information) & an active older generation, states.

Other 20% for Bernie surprise with close race, on risk from, i.e. some small Black, Latino & other, being pro Bernie, go viral. While always risk this small segment go viral, spread wider to their specific demographic, I gave muted chance, because Bernie mostly young white Revolution.

I think Bernie is goner from White House race, but is keeping Revolution going, for America’s Socialist movement, longer-term survival.

Big up-next is California, and as Hillary said New York win personal to her, I a Californian, so this one personal to me.

So lets look at California: Mid-2014, residents will be 38.8% white, 13% Asian American or Pacific Islander, 5.8% black, 1% Native& the Latinos are projected to become the largest single racial/ethnic group in the state by March of this 2015, making up 39%.

I lived in California, particularly, San Francisco Bay area, way back for decades, but left a long time ago, to Asia & so I may not be that up-dated on California overall, as I just kept up mostly, with California’s surfing scene, particularly Santa Cruz.

But on potential popularity of Bernie’s Socialist Revolution in California, can u believe it, I can still remember as teen. For some reason, Socialist loves to stage gatherings/protests at San Francisco’s main civic center’s ground & blast away so loud on speakers, on Sunday.

Crowd was never big, but even as teen, I always thought, impressive, because San Francisco is America’s Capitalist center of West Coast Then. Yes, there strong remnants of 1960s Summer of Love, in San Francisco’s Haigh Ashbury area & hippies are usually Socialist.

And while people like me, meaning, much San Franciscans, are accustomed to Socialist being here & there, and lots of places, do not let Los Angeles area freak you out, as being all about vanilla milk shakes, blonds in bikini & dreaming of making it in Hollywood.

The fact is that all along the coast of California, near Los Angeles, when I was in California, many towns turned to Socialism.

Hillary & Bernie are heading more & more to California, & so because California is personal I am looking more, not at odds, but at entertainment value, meaning, hope the California race, is lots of fun.

But I just want to ask, all those Californians in favor of Summer of Love, like the Socialist hippies, in particular Chong, of famous pot head due, Cheek & Chong, where Chong has come out with a popular advertisement for Bernie, about how do they feel about Bernie & his supporters, so utterly, nasty, angry & hateful, racist & sexist, consistent assaults & attacks on Hillary & her supporters?

You know, there many great lessons in American politics & these lessons often are iconic words by iconic Americans, i.e. Kennedy’s words to Americans to ask what you can do for America, but in this Presidential race, for me most relevant words are by Martin Luther King & his words, propelled by voting decision, since early on.

And Martin Luther King’s words, that have propelled me, are: “Hate is too big a burden for me to carry”

For me, reasons these Martin Luther King’s words, stood out, among all other iconic words by iconic American, is because, I been involved in American politics for a long time, but never have I seen, this current level of “Hate”.

Long-time followers know, I fought a very, utterly nasty, social media war, on the side of Obama, in the past because, for me, I saw the GOP so hateful towards Obama, who was doing his best, under the circumstances & still able to deliver remarkable results to Americans.

And while the level of GOP’s “Hate” of Obama is massive & incredible there is an “Extremely Dangerous” level of “Hate” in this round of American politics.

Mainly this current hate, unlike GOP hate towards Obama, which hate, mostly impacting “Internal America” but this round of American’s “Hate” will impact the planet massively, i.e. imagine Trump or Sanders, already, exhibiting their racist & sexist foundation & their angry, negative & hateful character & behavior, as America’s president.

And if u cannot imaging this on global level let me remind you of, i.e. the UN’s Global Goals, which has a cornerstone, on women’s rights & empowerment.

On Bernie & Trump racism, there is also other a danger on global scale, because America is competing with Russia & China. Where America has changed, learned & benefited much under Obama, where Obama is a minority American & so proved to many countries around the planet, that there is more to America than imperialism & hegemony.

But with Bernie & Trump racist track-record, of “Primary Being about White American” the gains from Obama being a President who rose from minority, exhibiting greatness of America on race issue, will come under threat.

The combination, of Bernie & Trump, racist & sexist, hateful state of being, are not what planet needs from America.

As for internal of America, on this so much “Hate” again, I turn to Martin Luther King’s words & again he said: “Hate is too heavy a burden for me to carry”.


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