HIV/AIDS: The un-sung heroes who jump in early to help

No where, in human existence, do human efforts takes on a sustainable efforts such as in the case of fighting the out-break of viral infection, such as HIV/AIDS. Again and again, humanity has proved, during these health emergencies, that humanity can come together for a long-term sustainable efforts to find solution to problems.

But often in the early days, of these out-break, of these dangerous situation, a few people jump in, asking little, not thinking about sustainability, but just to help lessen the suffering and hurt, from the bad situation.

You know, when 9/11 happened, there were people, like medics, who ran up the towers, intended to help, but also died & became heroes.

Definition of hero: a person, typically a man, who is admired or  idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

1,000s died in 9/11 along with 100s of service people, again like medias & I lived in San Francisco, was back, for about 25 years.

Of course, San Francisco is one of first global cities, that came out of the closet & said we have lots of LBGT people (back then called gays.

In general, when one lives with a situation, where the is impacts wide, for long-time, issue becomes desensitized & for most San Franciscans LGBT issue been long desensitized.

And so LBGT people, to most San Franciscans, is just your typical, common everyday human being one meets & they are just normal like everyone else.

But then one summer, the word started to go around, that LBGT people are dying off, like leaves drop in autumn, from mysterious ailment. There were many candle lights vigil back then in San Francisco as 1,000s LBGT died away & normally, your average San Franciscans took part.

That was a sad time in the history of San Francisco.

However, we talking most as of course as there also those in San Francisco, who are anti & hates LBGT people & with the HIV/AIDS epidemic, their worse came out and they were so nasty with HIV/AIDS issues, for example, calling for LBGT people to be confined in camps to contain the spread of the epidemic.

I left San Francisco, back to my father’s home country, Kingdom of Thailand, some 30 years ago now & became a journalist at the developing country’s most respected newspaper, Bangkok Post.

But before that, I worked a stint at Bara Finance & Securities as an institutional trader & the job took me to Singapore & those Singaporean were sharp, they were asking about HIV/ADIS epidemic in Thailand.

The HIV/AIDS epidemic was spreading fast in Kingdom of Thailand because of the vast amount of sex workers and poor education of the Kingdom.

So when I became a journalist at the Bangkok Post, literally, very few newspaper reports on HIV/AIDS, like there was a news black-out. And I started reporting on HIV/AIDS & was the first in Thailand, who was constantly, covering the HIV/AIDS issue & you know what? “Yes,” I suffered persecution doing that, for example, I was ridiculed & questioned if I was LBGT & there were also strong anger directed towards me, as I also reported on impact to economics

They say journalist can do great things for humanity & yes, I agree, I was sort of a hero in those early days HIV/AIDS hit Thailand.

But you know, journalist are just writers, reporting on events & all I was doing, was reporting on the works of other fighting HIV/AIDS& in those early days of HIV/AIDS epidemic. I mean if there were no people doing that, there would be nothing much for me to write about.

And to me reporting on it, 2 people stand-out. One was a foreign expatriate, hired to manage a 5 star hotel, if I am not wrong, the under the Hyatt Brand & the other a Thai women NGO.

Both of them, worked together & founded “Thailand Business Coalition on AIDS” & they were so effective, i.e. targeting labor intensive industries, to educate workers & also reaching out to the night-time entertainment industry, Bangkok is famous for.

Well, I really wanted to do this blog post, to talk about the un-sung heroes of the HIV/AIDS & I think I have sort of failed because I cannot remember names of Hyatt Hotel GM and the Thai women NGO, to give them credit.

But in sum, I just want to say, u know, some put it on the line everyday to better humanity & they take risk, i.e. can you imagine what anti LBGT people said of that GM & NGO?


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