That Day WSJ Asked Global People to Understand Americans Who into Trump

Other day, there was a poll in Canada & most were asking what is wrong with so many Americans to support Donald Trump. Then before that there was a drive for signature in the UK to ban Donald Trump from visiting UK & they got 100,000s of signatures. The latest is that people in Donald Trump parents hometown in Germany is not impressed with Donal Trump.

Then Donald Trump insulted Hispanic in America & Mexicans so badly, most Latino globally, now hates Trump. Then Donald Trump religious crusade against Muslim and now even Middle East rulers are cracking jokes how Trump went to them and borrowed money.

Putin on verge being War Criminal for killing Syrian civilians, according to many rights people & threatening West touted Donald Trump as great guy.

A few days ago, not what I usually do, but I went to scope America’s mainstream press & came across a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article, perhaps, embarrassed of so much global ridicule of Donald Trump, so WSJ went apologizing for Donald Trump, going to great length explaining why so American support Donald Trump.

So in WSJ explanation, WSJ says one can understand why lots of middle-class White Americans supports Donald Trump.

WSJ basically said middle-class White American got bad deal from Washington DC politics and they suffered greatly, and so they love Donald Trump’s anti Washington DC Establishment rhetoric.

This suffering, WSJ pointed out is economics and other issues that have up-set middle-class White American voters.

Lately, there have been a great deal of analysis on how “Intelligent” are the American voters, particularly, Americans who vote Republicans. These analysis are based on what the Republican Presidential Candidates say and do and also on the many Republican Presidential Debate, that turns into mud-slinging with little logic, rationale, and even less facts.

Many American political pundits, such as columnist at Washington Post, have repeatedly, pointed out, that it is the majority of the Republicans controlled States, that are governed under Republican conservative economic theory that have destroyed many American States’ economy.

Then, pundits have also pointed out that it is the Republicans, which have virtually “Shut-Down” Congress for years since Obama became the President, making law passage virtually stopped, even risking the Federal American government running out of money.

In simple terms, it is the Republican that have hurt America’s prospects. And while WSJ incited economic hardship of middle-class White Americans, as to be a main reason for Donald Trump’s popularity, WSJ must have also seen that under Obama, the USA economy fully recovered with strong job growth.

Here we are not talking about poor and marginalized Americans, but middle-class. And middle-class White Americans, are especially, mostly, shielded, from what minorities in America greatly suffer from, which is the rich and poor gap, hurting minority’s career and earnings.

So in sum, even if WSJ is correct on middle-class White Americans suffering economically, why do not these, WSJ talking about middle-class White Americans, vote Democrats?

But they do not vote Democrats, perhaps because the central issue is not economics, but of other issues, such as Black Lives Matter, equal marriage, LBGT rights, gun control, family planning and other “Socio-Cultural” issues.
Are these “Socio-Cultural” issues what WSJ talks about on middle-class White Americans suffering from?

And if they are suffering from these “Socio-Cultural” issues, is this what WSJ explanations, as to why Donald Trump is popular?
WSJ gave two main reasons why middle-class White American supports Donald Trump, being economics and socio-cultural issues, and said this support to Donald Trump can be understood.

Economically, WSJ position holds little water and on socio-cultural, is the WSJ asking the global people to understand why middle-class White American can support Donald Trump, a man who insults many people globally and widely rejected globally, with his various extremist positions, to even threatening the use of “Nuclear Weapons?”


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