China’s plan to compete with Hollywood, through buying Hollywood help

There long been arguments about how China’s government will support local Chinese industries to go global. There is not much wrong with that, as many countries does the same. But what China often does, is while it helps local firms go global, China’s government would at the same time, protecting local industry, from foreign competition. That of course, gives China an “Un-fair” advantage.

Take China’s film industry:


China Film Quota Full for 2015, Hollywood Releases Confirmed

‘Star Wars – The Force Awakens,’ which opens Dec. 18 in the U.S., will have to wait until sometime in 2016 for a release in the world’s second-largest film market.

After being blocked from the Chinese market during the lucrative fall holiday period, Hollywood has a busy — and brutally competitive — November coming up at the Chinese box office, the world’s second-largest film market. China’s gatekeepers have packed six major Hollywood releases into November, reported Xinmin, a state news source in Shanghai. Come the peak movie-going season of December, Hollywood titles again get locked out. Each year, China allows just 34 non-Chinese films into its booming movie market on a revenue-sharing basis, and the latest slate of coming releases shows that quota is now reached for 2015.


While China has a quota system, to prop up local film industry, China’s film industry is going global. For example, here China’s Wanda Group Purchases Hollywood Film Studio

The Diplomat

A Chinese conglomerate has purchased a Hollywood film studio, in what is being called “China’s largest cross-border cultural acquisition to date.” Dalian Wanda Group announced on January 12 that it has acquired Legendary Entertainment for $3.5 billion. A signing ceremony for the deal took place on Tuesday in Beijing. Wanda Group, under Chairman Wang Jianlin, began as a real estate company, and made its name in commercial property development. Recently, however, the firm has become equally well-known for its push into the entertainment industry, especially cinema. According to the group’s website, it operates 187 theaters in China, accounting for 14.5 percent of the country’s domestic box office. It also acts as a film production firm through Wanda Media, and operates a film distribution company (Continental Film Distribution).


Apart from buying Hollywood studio, here China taps Hollywood visual effects for big-budget movies.

China Real Time Report WSJ

Will better visual effects in Chinese films help them reach global audiences? China Media Capital hopes so.

The Chinese investment fund is filling its entertainment war chest with Chinese company Base FX, which contributed many visual effects to the new “Star Wars” film. China Media Capital said in a statement Thursday it is investing in Base FX, the visual effects company that made the animated monsters in China’s blockbuster film “Monster Hunt” as well as, it says, contributing some 400 shots to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Financial terms weren’t disclosed. As part of the deal, the two companies are also launching a production company, called Base Media, to make big-budget films packed full of digital imagery and 3D characters, for China and international markets, CMC said in the statement.

CMC, founded by Chinese media tycoon Li Ruigang, is a growing force in Chinese entertainment. In September it struck a deal with Time Warner Inc.TWX -1.61% to make Chinese-language films in China. In 2012, it teamed up with DreamWorks DWA -1.62% Animation SKG Inc.and formed the Shanghai-based joint venture Oriental Dreamworks, which is producing the forthcoming animated film “Kung Fu Panda 3.” China’s homegrown film companies are looking for ways to create big box-office hits that can grab Chinese audiences—who flock to films with realistic imaginary characters or extinct dinosaurs such as the ones seen in “Jurassic World”—and global ones. Some of the highest-grossing films in China, such as “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” were driven by digitally-generated characters and images.


Again, while China protects its internal market, here China to build overseas film distribution networks.

It was announced on Friday that China is going to build global networks to distribute domestic Chinese movies, aimed at Chinese audiences overseas and having a bigger say in the global film market. Under the guidance of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (SAPPRFT), China Media Capital (CMC) Holdings Limited together with China Lion Film Distribution Inc. announced they will build a platform to form global Chinese film distribution networks, which will help Chinese films to screen for target audiences overseas and help Chinese domestic-made films more actively participate in the global market.

Internationally famous Chinese actors Jackie Chan and Gong Li will take the job as the promotional ambassadors for the platform. “The Monkey King 2,” an upcoming blockbuster fantasy film produced by Hong Kong-based Filmko Pictures, will be the first film through the new platform to be released simultaneously in Chinese mainland market during the Spring Festival season and in more than 50 major cities in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Another Chinese detective comedy “Detective Chinatown” will also be arranged for screening during China’s lunar New Year. In future, the global distribution platform will gradually expand to more than 100 cities in the world, it was announced on Friday at a press conference.

Jing Junhai, vice minister of the Publicity Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, said that Chinese films have had a growing influence in the world as China’s cultural brand since the execution of the “Belt and Road” initiative. He hoped this Chinese domestic film distribution platform could not only help Chinese people around the world enjoy Chinese culture and Chinese film development, but also tell Chinese stories and show the Chinese spirit to the people of the world.

Tong Gang, the deputy director general of SAPPRFT, said Chinese films have achieved a great leap forward and will try to find new growth opportunities in the wider global market. The new platform will help the Chinese film industry’s development.


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