China’s Aggression Backfires: Asia Seeking to Contain China

China is governed by a one party system, being the Communist Party, that uses internal oppression and suppression of democracy and rights activist and information control to remain in power. China is also cracking down on all religion and labor movements, and is occupying several independent country, that China had invaded to take control, such as Tibet. In Hong Kong, China is also exerting control, refusing the development of “Democratic principles.”

The above mentioned factors are internal situation of China that points to the country being governed by a “Tyrant Junta.”

And what is the fundamental character of a tyrant junta? The fundamental character of a tyrant junta is “Aggression” and the character of only respecting “Raw Power.”

Is there a doubt, why China is so aggressive globally, growing out of being a tyrant junta, to the Chinese people themselves?

In Asia, most governments now realize that China’s character of aggression and wants an Asia that is “Multi-Polar” and not under China’s hegemony control.

And many in Asia, with global powers such as US, are beefing up alliances to try to contain China’s aggressive behavior.

China’s only ally in Asia, appears to be Putin’s Russia, where Russia itself, is also an aggressive state, that similar to China, is being run by a tyrant junta. Apart from that, China’s ally are namely North Korea, a country, very much shunned by the global community and Kingdom of Thailand, a country deep into a dystopian of non-functioning, some-what similar to North Korea, very much ignored and shunned globally.

The following are some examples of

China’s external aggression:

Here South China Sea Tension Escalates on China Moves (Source)

Here Study Found China Most Aggressive Country in South China Seas (Source)

Here China rejects U.N. arbitration on disputed South China Sea (Source)

Here Islands Cause Dispute Between China and Japan (Source)

Here China Plans Global Military (Source)

Here What China Military Plans Mean for India (Source)

Here On How China is Modernizing the Country’s Military (Source)

Here are some alliances forming in Asia:

Here Japan and India Strengthen Ties with Industrial & Military (Source)

Here India and Japan Redrawing Geopolitical to Counter China (Source)

Here South Korea and Japan New Relationship (Source)

Here Japan and South Korea Summit Thaw Relations (Source)

Here US and Vietnam Warming Relations (Source)

Here US and Vietnam Close Relationship (Source)

Here Japan and Philippines Close Relationship (Source)

Here Japan and ASEAN Relationship (Source)

Here China and ASEAN Relationship Freezing ASEAN into No Action (Source)

Here US Singapore Boost Military Relationship (Source)

Here Japan, India and US Joint Military Exercise (Source)

India’s Act East Policy Cement Ties with ASEAN (Source)

Here US, Japan and Australia Military Relationship (Source)




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