Global Growth: Royalty & 1%: The problem of rich & poor gap (Up-Date 10)

There have been many credible research, that found that the rich and poor gap, is a major drag on global growth for several reason. In fact, Oxfarm, says the global rich 1% will hold most of the planet’s wealth in a few years. The problem of rich and poor gap, apart from causing massive humanitarian problems, i.e. poverty, the rich and poor gap, also zaps up the purchasing power of the consumer public, into the hands of the few rich, leaving a small market for, i.e. entrepreneurs and other business, to grow on.

Royalty, obviously heredity and no elected, are all over the planet, enjoying richness & great influence. Meanwhile, the 1%, enjoy money lobbying power.

The following is from the Guardian:

The west’s leading economic think-tank on Tuesday dismissed the concept of trickle-down economics as it found that the UK economy would have been more than 20% bigger had the gap between rich and poor not widened since the 1980s.
Publishing its first clear evidence of the strong link between inequality and growth, the Paris-based Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development proposed higher taxes on the rich and policies aimed at improving the lot of the bottom 40% of the population, identified by Ed Miliband as the “squeezed middle”.

Trickle-down economics was a central policy for Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, with the Conservatives in the UK and the Republicans in the US confident that all groups would benefit from policies designed to weaken trade unions and encourage wealth creation.

The OECD said that the richest 10% of the population now earned 9.5 times the income of the poorest 10%, up from seven times in the 1980s. However, the result had been slower, not faster, growth.

It concluded that “income inequality has a sizable and statistically negative impact on growth, and that re distributive policies achieving greater equality in disposable income has no adverse growth consequences.

“Moreover, it [the data collected from the think-tank’s 34 rich country members] suggests it is inequality at the bottom of the distribution that hampers growth.”

According to the OECD, rising inequality in the two decades after 1985 shaved nine percentage points off UK growth between 1990 and 2000. The economy expanded by 40% during the 1990s and 2000s but would have grown by almost 50% had inequality not risen. Reducing income inequality in Britain to the level of France would increase growth by nearly 0.3 percentage points over a 25-year period, with a accumulated gain in GDP at the end of the period in excess of 7%.
“These findings have relevant implications for policymakers concerned about slow growth and rising inequality,” the paper said.

“On the one hand it points to the importance of carefully assessing the potential consequences of pro-growth policies on inequality: focusing exclusively on growth and assuming that its benefits will automatically trickle down to the different segments of the population may undermine growth in the long run, in as much as inequality actually increases (See more

(Up-Date) News out of the UK, says the British Royalty, which is supported by UK tax-payers, on-top of old wealth, has gotten much more wealthier, in recent years, as the UK, went on an austerity, cutting a great deal of social safety nets & where reports say, about 2 to 3 million more UK children, went into relative poverty.

(Up-Date) Forbes Magazine, been ranking the richest Royalty around the globe, and said Thailand’s King, is the richest Royalty globally. The Thai King, preaches sufficiency economy, while no one was able to pin point what that exactly means, most Thai people see it as, just being happy with what one has, perhaps meaning being humble, do not dream for much, and be satisfy with what one has. Thailand’s rich and poor gap, is one of the widest globally. The Thai King, has been in power for about 70 to 80 years, starting out, some-what rich in assets, but over his reign, has built that up into US$ billions, about US$32 billions, no evidence from the Thai King of him practicing sufficiency theory.

(Up-Date) The globe’s top investor and one of the planet’s richest man, Warren Buffet, has endorsed Hillary Clinton, a liberal hawk who is somewhat neutral on Wall Street, of the US Democrat  Party, in her presidential bid. However, Buffet says, Bernie Sanders, a sociality, of the same party as Clinton who is a fierce critic of the 1% and Wall Street, has important lessons to teach humanity.

(Up-Date) News say Saudi Arabia Royalty, long enjoying a ride on petro dollar into billionaires, is having to withdraw funds from the globe, to plug holes in Saudia Ariabia’s national budget, as oil price has tanked for a while now & Saudi Arabia’s Royalty stated goals to play a more important regional and global role, is expensive. In the Middle East and greater, apart from the Royalty that control oil and commerce and people who support their system, most people in the region are poor.

(Up-Dated) US 1%, Donald Trump is running in the US presidential election under the Republican banner, of course, what is not of course, lots of news exposing Trump to be a very hate & anti humanity person and only into money and power. The good news, is, Trump is showing the globe, the type of monster, the US political machine is able to produce, again, after the Bush and Cheney, profiteer of global doom system, and perhaps, the people of the planet can look at Trump & Bush, and learn something, about what not to do or be like, from them.

(Up-Date) The 1% Murdoch and his press empire, continues to, mostly, pump out, extreme right wing political views openly or hidden, for the people of the planet to consume. Many have wised up to Murdoch brand of ugly journalism but many have not. Meanwhile, The Kotch Brother, continue to buy US politicians, think tank and anyone willing to be pro-extreme conservative.

(Up-Dated) Wall Street 1% with a twist, being an activist investor, Carl Icahn, criticized, CEO of firms, saying their focus, on financial modeling, at the expense of innovation and capital spending, have hurt the economy. Carl is right of course, innovation and capital spending, helps greatly in expanding growth frontier, meaning also, i.e. increase in workers hiring and salary.

(Up-Date) The World Economic Forum (Davos), a forum where the global 1% would meet & lay out their vision and plan for the globe, has been holding their annual meeting & giving global leaders, a forum to express their visions, but the problem is, a great many people, who goes there, are tyrants of the worse type globally with horrific track record on human rights and other humanity issues, and yet, the at these Davos meeting, these Tyrants gets, applauded for their vision.

(Up-Date) UK Royalty, laid out a grand welcoming mat for China’s leader Xi. Xi however, is oppressive and suppressive internally and is occupying many independent countries such as Tibet. The UK Royalty, certainly is thinking about economic gain, caring little about the cost to humanity.

(Up-Date) On top of a recent purge in Thailand’s Royal Household, with public stated of being about corruption, comes another purge of staunch supporter of Thai Royalism system, being high ranking police and military, but as expected, investigators walking-back, from earlier statements. And again the public stated of being about corrption. Whatever the case is, there are lots of money & power involved.

Lets look at some Royalty & The Royalty System:

I stuck in Thailand readying myself to leave & Thailand has a Royality System (Royalism) but I cannot be critical because long jail term (1)

But out-side Thailand, non Orwell 1984 there & check it out, reality & non Orwell 1984 of Thai “Royalism” & u understand, why so many (2)

Concerned Thai & foreigners, have long proposed, UK or Japan, Royalism, for Thailand to adopt, but of course & as expected (3)

Bangkok’s mostly Neo Fascist Royalist Elite & their Middle-Class & Thailand’s Militarism rejects idea as both feed on Royalism to exists (4)

& to keep up Thai Royalism Orwell 1984 image been throwing lots of Thai in jail & soon, Internet Fire Wall, like China, keep info out (5)

I long been involved in debate, on adopting or not, the UK or Japan, Royalism System to Thailand & I in favor of, adoption (6)

& in those arguments, I often point to Tony Blair, UK’s PM, when he was in power, he would meet Queen Elizabeth weekly, for discussions (7)

& in those arguments, I would point to Japan’s Emperor, once in a great while, will touch on politics & Japanese people listens (8)

There are lots of Thai Republicans (No Want Royalism) & Thais who does not really give a shit about Thai Royalism, in Thailand (9)

And also lots of Thais, who have lost respect for Thai Royalism & I often, get criticized, by many, for being a closet Royalist (10)

Because of my support for adopting, the UK or Japan, Royalism System, to Thailand, meaning, that says I give a fuck (11)

Both UK & Japan, Royalism, structurally > Royalism & Politics separated, relationship in-formal, open to the times & can be criticized (12)

But recently, I saw one of Lady Diana’s son went to China & basically, massively kissed China’s ass & after, UK’s policy went that way (13)

& I saw, Japan facing a very aggressive China & Russia, in the Pacific theater, so Abe had to beef up military spending, but (14)

Abe got criticized by Japan’s Emperor (15)

I no idea what kind of brains & morality, these Royalty have, as look at Xi’s China ugly track record on human rights & colonization (16)

& look at China & Russia long track record of protecting, the mass murderer of children & women, Assad, at the UNSC (17)

Then look at how aggressive China & Russia are in Pacific Theatre, propelling the entire Pacific & Indian Ocean, into military build-up (18)

U know, they say, one learns as one goes & while I used to support, the UK & Japan, Royalism Systems, seeing what China & Russia doing (19)

& all these fucking Royalty & other shit-heads, supporting Xi & Putin, I think all these people and fucked-up & morally corrupt, I asking (20)

When the fuck, would all of these, non-elected, Royalty shit, just stop the fuck, interfering into politics & governing (21)

& let the people, that the people elected to govern the country, govern the county, for the people (22)


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