Global Growth: Tyrants bring dystopia & dystopia a major drag on growth (Up-Date 10)

Currently there is a great deal of discussion about economic growth (see here on growth frontier).

I have been saying, like many, that tyrants bring dystopia & dystopia is a major drag on growth. Globally, tyrants are all over and bringing various levels of dystopia.

The following is from the Innovation Files: We live in a global economy and society built on our investments in computer and network technology. Our connectedness—our ability to work and communicate easily with those outside of our borders–is the foundation of our digital economy. Policymakers are increasingly recognizing that the free flow of information online is important both for promoting democratic values (see Secretary Clinton’s remarks last year on Internet Freedom) and for promoting commerce (see the Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force examination of this issue). Yet barriers, both new and old, impair our connectivity and limit the potential of free trade. Especially from the commercial perspective, restrictions on the flow of information impact innovation, collaboration, trade, investment and economic activity.

Examples of barriers to the free flow of information include local data storage requirements for cloud computing, outdated regulations for voice-over-IP (VoIP) services, inadequate protect of digital copyrights, overlapping and conflicting data privacy regulations, restrictions on content and speech and liability for intermediaries, such as user-generated content sites. While these barriers and their origins have been explored in other contexts, I would like to address some of the potential solutions available to improve the free flow of information by looking at three specific issues: cloud computing, online copyrights, and electronic identities (See more at:

But what is the connection between dystopia and growth?

(Up-Date) The globe just agreed on an ambitious, sustainable development agenda, for a 2030 target, but there have long been many convincing analysis that, without good governance (Democracy, Liberty/Freedom, Justice & Rights) sustainable development, is a “impossible”.

(Up-Dated) Many emerging countries, with poor governance, as a political foundation, such as Brazil, is also being hit, with slowing global growth & if they do not start reforming their governance system now, when a global recovery comes, they will be laggards.

(Up-Dated) Russia, Iran & China are going more extreme with their, respective brand, of tyrants & dystopia. Russia & Iran have exported their dystopia to Syria, messing up a country, already in a crisis, dragging a host of other related considerations, also into a dystopia mess. Who knows where this Russian & Iran adventures in dystopia will go, but who cares, the middle east & greater and related has been a mess for so long, the concern should be targeted to humanitarian help for civilian casualties in the conflict and refugees. And with an abundance of fossil fuel & fossil start-up, ready to go at any chance, and alternative energy coming on strong, good riddance, if planet have to rely less on the middle east and greater, for energy, than comes with such a high price to humanity.

(Up-Date) China is taking its brand of Capitalism dystopia deeper into a black hole, with Futures Magazine reporting, China’s economic data is getting even more non transparent.

(Up-Date) Reports say human rights & freedom around the planet, has plummet to the lowest level in decades.

(Up-Date) Because of all the tyrant of the planet has bough massive dystopia, refugees has become a major problem, i.e. Syria, causing havoc to the political foundation, such as Western Europe shift to the far right, and is also costing a tremendous of money.

Lets look at Thailand, as an example:

(Up-Date) Credit rating agency, S&P, has gave a warning on Thailand’s long-term, sovereign rating, reduction, based mostly on political uncertainty.

(Up-Date) Credit rating agency, Fitch, has warned Thailand of credit risk, based mostly, on political risk.

(Uo-Date) Thailand’s Dictator Prayuth, says the next constitution will be targeted at weakening the political system, meaning less democratic, so that politics will not cause a mess that demand the military step in with a coup, but actually, the Neo Fascist Royalist Elite Suthep, when he destabilized Thailand for a coup, and then a coup, after he said Prayuth and him, had been working together, and looking at how the military, did not help stop Suthep’s Neo Fascist Royalist Elite destabilization & protest against the election, for certain, Suthep & Prayuth conspired for the coup. Suthep is now a staunch supporter of Prayuth, of course.

(Up-Date) Thailand’s Dictator Prayuth has threatened to shut-off Thailand from the globe. Then walked back his comment when Thailand’s business community voice objections. Prayuth moves to clarify ‘shut down’ the country remark (see

(Up-Date) Thailand new constitution, being written by representatives of the junta, is looking very regressive, with plans to weaken the political party system, by watering down the power of the people, given to the election winners. Also the junta insists, on the existence of a guidance council, that sits above the election winner.

Quality of Life:

First, consider quality of life, i.e. lets start with my experience with Thailand as an example. I have an MBA from US and worked at many Blue Chip type of places in Thailand, but I am also an activist on Thailand.

As a democratic activist, I also focus on liberty/freedom, justice & rights. And I get threats from people, both Thai and foreigners who buy deeply into the anti Democracy, Bangkok’s Neo Fascist Royalist Elite (Forbes Magazine & other call Suthep Movement, which is greatly supported by people in Bangkok, Neo Fascist & the Bangkok people, are particularly crazy-in-love with Thai Royalism & the “God King” concept) & Thailand’s military way of thinking, and the result is usually not pretty, with a great deal of troll like activity against me, making it very difficult for me to work in Thailand, on the non-activist, professional level.

And this is not just me, in Thailand, it is not un-common, for the boss to screen out workers who does no fit in with their political views & hire only those that fits. And in companies, it is common for workers not to talk about certain issues, such, as politics. So lots of tension and alienation in the Thai work place, hitting workers productivity & the workers diversity & open thinking, need for creativity and innovation.

Also, apart from tyrants & dystopia, being a drain on human resource and productivity, consider, the “Life Experience” or “Quality of Life” in a tyrant run & dystopia country.

Again lets start with me. As an activist, I get threaten with dedicated blogs to trash me, sending over someone to beat me up, take me to court and sue me, psychological warfare attacks of all sorts and well u get the drift, i.e. once some guy grab my throat to punch my face & men in uniform, i.e. police would come to where I worked, now and then, and just stare at me. I am on all sorts of “Black List” and local newspapers used to trash me in their stories, quite often. I am also a target, of internet hackers, working for who knows, taking out many of my websits, e-mails, Facebook & Twitter. I was also investigated for lese majeste (Insulting Royalty) which carries a long jail term.

And I am not alone, over the years 1,000s of Thais are hit with the same type of things I have, also many current examples, of people being hit. And one result is that it is not uncommon, for Thais to say in private, they could face the same, if they are not careful, meaning living fear & self-censorship.

And apart from human resource drain, productivity & quality of life issues, relating to tyrant bringing dystopia, hitting, i.e. me and other, what are other cost?

Lets Look at Growth:

For example, since the current junta and dictator came to power, application to invest in Thailand has tanked massively, i.e. for 2015, there is virtually no new investment application, because little confidence is left in Thailand. Last year, before the Neo Fascist Royalist Elite protest, to destabilize Thailand for a coup, then the coup, GDP was estimated to hit 2-3%, but after the protest & coup, GDP in 2014, tanked to 0.07%.

And 2014 is just one event, over the years there have been many Neo Fascist Royalist Elite protest & many coups.

The result? Thailand, over the years, has been falling compared to the globe, i.e. from Singapore, Malaysia league, to Indonesia, Philippines and Vietnam league, and now many talk of Thailand, facing bottom-up pressure, from the Myanmar, Laos & Cambodia league. So Thailand’s growth rate, or GDP, has been slowing for years, and competitors out-pacing Thailand.

And Thailand has been this way for a long time. For the past about 80 years, since end to Absolute Monarchy, Thailand has been going round and round, in crisis after crisis, often with Bangkok’s Neo Fascist Royalist Elite & Thailand’s military massacre citizens. On average, there is a coup or attempted coup in Thailand every 3 years and a new constitution every 4 years.

And now, Thailand is under a military junta with a “Dictator” again, election years away & touting a new constitution, with an institutionalized, anti democracy, anti liberty/freedom, anti justice & anti rights.

Lets Look at Information Flow:

On Orewll 1984 (propaganda & fake) Thailand is rated not free by Freedom House, and touting a internet Great Fire Wal like China, to keep out information. Then Thailand’s rule of law ranking tanked massively, i.e. the courts and anti-corruption unit, are ranked at bottom, on respectability, and often called politicised, by many global level respected units, such as Political & Economic Risk Consultancy. Even in economics and polls, are hit by Orwell 1984, i.e. on economics, the current junta has turned to Taksinomics, where Thaksin is their arch enemy, but the Neo Fascist Royalist Elite & military junta, calls that Taksinomics something else and every poll in Thailand, at one time or another, has been exposed as politicised.

The answer, to as what have cause Thailand’s long-term fundamental development problems, bringing tyrant, dystopia & slow growth, clearly, is Militarism, Fascism & Royalism, concepts with a nature, similar to many developing countries structural nature globally.

Lets Look at Resource Drain:

Like other countries hit with tyrants & dystopia, one cost is also an out-flow of resources, & lets look at me, I am getting myself together & when I can, I plan to leave Thailand, back to California & forget about Thailand.

My intention to leave is not new & many feel the same way. For example, on a popular twitter on Thailand, Thai Talk, belonging to a Thai women, she re-tweeted about a Thai person, saying the Thai junta should start a fund, to help settle Thais, who does not want to live in Thailand anymore, so they can leave Thailand and settle in other countries.

In fact, there are 100,000s of Thais who have left Thailand, over the years, to live and work in other countries, disillusioned with Thailand, on many fronts, such as quality of life, opportunity in Thailand & many of Thailand’s governing system.

And the reason many people want to leave Thailand is many.

For me, basically, I have had it with all the nasty trolling, the round and round, going no-where of Thailand and cannot find good quality work.

For other people, perhaps, it is because it not unusual, for Bangkok’s Neo Fascist Royalist Elite (Forbes called the Suthep Movement, which is supported by most Bangkok people Neo Fascist) and military, to tell other people, foreigners, and also including Thais, to leave Thailand, if they are not happy with Thailand, being run by Bangkok’s Neo Fascist Royalist Elite & military.

Structural Problems:

For example, in a BBC’s television report on Thailand, the report started out with a video of news and radio stations in Thailand’s Issan region, broadcasting news about how the people of Bangkok, thinks the people in the country side are stupid and do not deserve to vote.

That type of talk, is exactly what Chitpas Bhirombhakdi, heiress to a $2.6 billion Beer Singha family fortune says. And Chitpas often calls on Thais who does not support Bangkok’s Neo Fascist Royalist Elite & military, to leave Thailand.

The problem is, militarism, facism & royalism, have bought a long-term crisis of economic development & growth, because, i.e. political disfranchisement in Thailand, & this disfranchisement, is in the open & accepted, i.e. Neo Fascist Royalist Elite people, like Chitpas or Chitpas want-to-be, is all over Bangkok & calls themselves “Good People” & the rest “Bad People” & often call them “Not Thai”.

So with people like Chitpas attitude running Thailand, the rich and poor gap, in Thailand is massive & education is mainly to produce a subservice population to serve the ruling elite.

Both clearly this, rich and poor gap, from the disfranchising of the poor and failed education are major drag on growth and economic progress. And these are events, that research have found, to greatly drag growth opportunity.

In Conclusion:

From my experience with Thailand, tyrants do bring dystopia and dystopia is a major drag on growth.


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