50 Years of Tibet Occupation: Time for Divest, Boycott & Sanctions

China has marked 50 years since it established Tibet as what it calls an “autonomous region”, by holding a large parade in the capital Lhasa. The event, which featured large colourful floats and military marches, was attended by senior Communist Party officials. Foreign news organisations like the BBC were not allowed to travel to Tibet to cover the event.

China is celebrating 50 years of Tibet occupation & press reports China blasted away verbally, at Tibet’s spiritual leader, Dalai Lama (1)

China’s occupation of Tibet getting nastier by the weeks & days, with even earlier even saying China will decide Dalai Lama incarnation (2)

& also recently, from UN to HRW were criticizing China’s treatment of Tibet’s Nomads, housing them in compounds, off the tundra (3)

things are so bad in occupied Tibet, if u check the wikipedia on Genocide, there is a section on China’s “Cultural Genocide” of Tibet (4)

I in Thailand, a country where fractions of Capitalist Elite & Progressives (Socialist Democrat) have long struggled with Neo Fascist Royalist Elite (5)

& about two weeks ago, an iconic Thai Progressive said she was organizing a tour to China & will vist Tibet, for tourism (6)

I quite well known in Thailand & my first reaction was thinking to call her up & tell her of Tibet occupation & many Tibet

Freedom activists (7)

are calling for a boycott of tourism to Tibet, because the tourism benefits China’s occupation & helps normalize occupation (8)

but I did nothing, settling with the thought that, “There You Go, Another Ignorant Progressive on Global Issues” (9)

The sad fact is, China is reporting (China’s official data are not very reliable) that Tourism to Tibet, in 2015 is up some 30% to 40% (10)

As I mentioned, many Tibet Activist are calling for a boycott of tourism to China & way back, a Tibetan mentioned Lonely Planet Travel (11)

So one day, I did research on Tibet Tourism & presented my research to a Tibetan Activist, suggesting best practice methods on boycott (12)

Lonely Planet Travel, active in Tibet with a name, has office in Oakland, USA & also in London, UK where in both country (13)

The Tibet Freedom Movement has a strong presence & have strong local people support & my suggestion, was to boycott Lonely Planet there (14)

But the message I got back, basically indicated, Tibet people needs tourism & boycott was not good for the Tibetan people (15)

I was disappointed, but understood the basic reality of everyday life in Tibet, meaning things like food, housing & a life in general (16)

Tibet makes me think of Palestine & how Palestinians succeed in using Boycott, Divest & Sanction (BDS) to gain leverage against Israel (17)

I only an activist & while I want to advise the Tibet Freedom Movement, to adopt Palestinian type DBS tactics against China, it really (18)

not my place to do so & then also there are the Tibetan people, who rely on tourism income to survive (19)

But the sad part of Tibet is, Tibet is a dying independent country & is not surviving much these days, under China (20)


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