Profitability: Concentrate on Old Products (Tradition) & Develop New Products (Innovation)

This past week, a twitter I follow, who is an expert, talked of Toxic Employee, or those that can cause peoblems for organization, & how to screen them out, when hiring.

The wikipedia define toxic workplace as:

“A workplace that is marked by significant drama and infighting, where personal battles often harm productivity. Toxic workplaces are often considered the result of toxic employees, or workers who are motivated by personal gain (power, money, or special status), use unethical, mean-spirited and sometimes illegal means to manipulate and annoy those around them; and whose motives are to maintain or increase power, money or special status or divert attention away from their performance shortfalls and misdeeds. Toxic employees do not recognize a duty to the organization for which they work or their co-workers in terms of ethics or professional conduct toward others. Toxic employees define relationships with co-workers, not by organizational structure but by co-workers they favour and those they do not like or trust.[1]”

“Quite similarly, Harder et al. (2014) define a toxic work environment as an environment that negatively impacts the viability of an organization. They specify: “It is reasonable to conclude that an organization can be considered toxic if it is ineffective as well as destructive to its employees”, and hold that toxicity arises when employees suffer a breach in psychological contract.[2]”

The purpose of employees, bottom-line, is to help a firm generate a profit. But for firms themselves, what helps them generate profit. In management, i.e. MBA program, most points to the selling of service or products, as the core on how firms make a profit. And here, there are generally two strategies, fist, focus on tradition or old product of the firm and second, engage in innovation to develop new products or services.

In many firms, both strategies, a focus strategy and innovation strategy, are used.

But how do employee fit into this focus and innovation drive? Some employee are great at focus strategy, while other are great at innovation strategy.

I tweeter th following today:
For the past week, a well known & highly credible, cutting edge management consultant, been twitting about spotting (1)

toxic new employee & screening them out & also about how to fire employee without a nasty hit back reaction (2)

I think the management consulting expert, might be noticing how guns are so readily in America, lawsuit common (3)

& how information leakage is such a big problem these days, so I understood, where she is coming from (4)

But still, I am in Thailand & a reporter/writer for long time, & used to often go on interviews & in big “Blue Chip” type firms, here (5)

& often, with Thai mfirms, corporate culture & organizational cohesion, is a very big thing, with many, even placing, on the walls, posters of company values (6)

But I saw a famous couch once, I think it was at Microsoft, in one of the top executive office & on couch, it said (7)

something like, “Here, we do not respect tradition, only innovation” & also there was a major research (8)

& I mentioned this research before on how I got to be a top social media influencer & the research was about (9)

how the formal structure of organizations, mostly, does not reflecting the power & influence in the organization, but the informal structure (10)

is also a place where power and influence exists & the research found, in organizations, the people in the informal structure (can be anyone), where other (11)

people in the organization turn to, for “solutions & answers” are also the people, who hold real power and influence (12)

On this issue, I recently did 2 blog post, one on how Tyrants globally are cooperating & the tanking of human rights, and another (13)

on global growth & how tyrants destroy global growth (14)

The reason a Tyranical system, often destroys growth, is bacause, it favors the “Focus Strategy” & destroys the “Innovation Strategy” (15)

& look at Thailand, for example, a country, long accepted, to have a business sector deep into “Neo Fascism” & “Traditionalism” (16)

so, as a result, in Thailand, innovative people, usually with outside the box & breaking the envelope mind-set, is often “Misfits” of society (17)

But for firms to be profitable, there got to be a balance somewhere or a mix, between Focus & Innovation (18)

but can a firm in Thailand, generally, be focus on “Success from the Past” with tradition & culture & be after “Success from the Future” with innovation & new products and service? (19)

I worked most of my life, some the best of firms & other average of firms, in Thailand & for me, an innovative type of person (20)

I can remember so many ideas & information, that I pass to other, in the firm, that proved so critical later on rejected, because the idead and info were non-traditional (21)

In sum, my thoughts were rejected and the firms, shut them off & when one look at this, this about freedom of expression & human rights (22)

How can the global economy, keep on a growth path, with so many tyrant, destroying such concept as Freedom of Expression & Human Rights? (23)

Human Rights is many thing, but human rights is also, greatly about “Freedom” such as the free-flow of ideas & info (23)


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