High Aboriginal Suicide Rate: Australia’s Crisis Between Civilization & Colonization

Australia leaders & suicide prevention leaders have gotten together, in a high power and urgent meet, to help solve the high rate of suicide with Australian indigenous, but risk remains, namely Australia leader, Tony Abbott. If u do not believe me, search Google on Tony Abbott’s funding cut to aboriginal, and articles will come up, dating back years, of funding cut.

The Guardian (see here) gives and example:

“On Tuesday afternoon a list of all 964 organisations which had been granted funding under the controversial Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) was published on the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet website, but it did not include a breakdown of individual programs or amounts offered. The IAS consolidates more than 150 Indigenous affairs programs and policies into five broad areas, and is the result of more than half a billion dollars in cuts in the 2014 budget.”

While the link between Tony Abbott’s budget cut to aboriginals and suicide, has never been established, however, clearly, the budget cuts, have impacted, “The Quality of Life” of Australian aboriginals. Additionally, Tony Abbott’s relations with Australia’s aboriginal, can be classify as, Tony Abbott being “Hostile and Aggressive” towards Australian aboriginals, i.e. his words, quote: “Tax payers cannot fund Aboriginal lifestyles.” Here lifestyle, Tony Abbott was talking about is Australian aboriginal, who lives their life, according to their aboriginal old ways and culture.

How much does Tony Abbott’s funding cut to aboriginal and his hostile and aggressiveness towards aboriginal, that certainly impacts aboriginal quality of life, contribute to aboriginal suicide? The question, is very difficult to answer. There have been a great deal of writing, about aboriginals & natives, in many countries, in existing in modern culture, facing many crisis, such as high suicide and high family related violence. But the sad fact is, globally, aboriginal & natives, are a people, who have suffered, Colonization, at historic levels, being much wipe-out, as human being, both physically & culturally.

The following is from The Stringer (see here) and reported, with the head-line:

“An eleven year old suicides, nine months later his mother takes her life – this nation’s worst racism”

The following is an article from The Stringer, written by Gerry Georgatos on July 31st, 2015 & I cut and past some facts and paragraph, from the article.

For Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islanders aged 15 to 35, who should be in the prime of life, nearly one in three deaths of this age group is by suicide. If this statistic, this moral abomination does not startle the nation into a critical response then what will?

The whole self-responsibility mantra has to be dropped, it is rubbish – people need people and we need to get out there and help them. Their circumstances are Australian made and we have to recognise this imperative and hence respond accordingly and continue to do so till such time as we have reduced at least to parity between the two populations of this continent the suicides rates.

If you are an Aboriginal male in this country you are at least a one in fifteen chance of taking your life by suicide. If you are an Aboriginal child aged less than 14 years of age you are at least eight times more likely to suicide than a non-Aboriginal child. This is a moral abomination. I can only emphasize, that there is no greater legacy that any government can have, than any of us can have, than to improve the lot of others to the point of saving lives.

An eleven year child died last year, but by suicide. Nine months later, only days ago, his 37 year old mother took her life. In the last year I have had to look into the eyes of parents who have buried a child aged 11 years, 12 years, 13 years, 14 years, 15 years, 16 years and 17 years. We were not put on this earth to bury our children, but we do. This tragedy and the underlying issues are the pressing issue of our time and they must become the most pressing priority of every government.

In recent weeks there have been two important national meetings, both of which I attended and strongly participated in, urging governments to respond to the crises. One was a national critical response meeting calling for bona fide suicide prevention. This meeting was held on July 17 in Perth. At that meeting the Federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs Nigel Scullion flew in to attend alongside leaders and experts from across Western Australia and from around the nation. Urgency was the signature piece of their statements. On July 22, a national meeting was convened in Canberra – at parliament – with three federal ministers present, the Minister for Health, Sussan Ley, the Minister for Indigenous Health, Fiona Nash and the Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Nigel Scullion – with 25 of the nation’s leading experts in mental health and suicide prevention and prominent Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander leaders. Both roundtables were whole day meetings and the most important message was to implement ways forward known to work – not down the track, not in the weeks or months or years ahead, but now.

In delaying ways forward known to work, well this is a moral abomination and because the suicide crises are reprehensibly racialised, any delay or passing of the buck is in fact a veil and layer of racism.

There is no greater legacy that any government can have, than any of us can have, than to improve the lot of others to the point of saving lives.

We cannot lay claim that any of our governments have delivered comprehensive responses to various wholesale psychological and psychosocial distresses of families, extended families and to communities as a whole. Not when destructive behaviours, suicidal ideation and suicide take the toll they continue to take.

Our governments have a responsibility to repair the damage that they and their predecessors have done. We can definitely state that the social determinant levels and the social health quotients of far too many communities throughout the nation have been degraded by one government after another.

Last year following the death by suicide of Peter ‘Rabbit, a child who should have been wrapped in support 24/7, I warned of a disconnect between the various services, between responders and I warned of the fact that certain services which should have a 24/7 capacity in fact do not. The young boy should never have been lost. The other day, just nine months after the loss of Peter, his 37 year old mother took her life. She could not cope with the loss of Peter. There should have been the constant of support for her, a through-care plan and long-term, for the family.


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