The Forgotten People: 100s of Rohingya scramble for hope of refugee status card

About a 1,000 Rohingya (a people persecuted in Myanmar for religious & ethnic reasons, forced to leave the country on sea voyage and encountering, 4th stage of 5 stage genocide, in Myanmar & at sea) refugee in Malaysia have scrambled in the hope of getting a refugee status card from UN’s relief arm, UNHCR.

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PETALING JAYA: About 1,000 Rohingya gathered in front of the UNHCR office here today after they were told that the would be given refugee status cards.

According to Brickfields police chief ACP Shahrul Othman Mansor, about 200 Rohingya started gathering at the UNHCR office along Jalan Bukit Petaling at about 1am.

Shahrul added about 4.30am, several policemen arrived at the office and ordered them to leave the place.

“We also informed them that the news which they received was false.

“At 5am, some of them were seen slowly dispersing and left the place,” added Shahrul.

However, the situation got worse between 7am – 8am when the area was flooded by some 500 Rohingya who just arrived.

“It is believed that they came from the Klang Valley and some other parts of the country,” told Shahrul.

About 12pm, the crowd was growing and about 1,000 Rohingya were there. Most of them came by bus.

Shahrul added that the incident was believed to be sparked by an unknown party who spread the false news.

“Our Special Branch personnel have gotten the confirmation from the UNHCR officers that the information was false.

“However, there were no untoward incidents reported and we are still monitoring and investigations are underway to find the culprits behind the case,” said Shahrul

Hoping for refugee status card, 1,000 Rohingya show up in front of @UNHRC offices in Malaysia


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