Gaza’s Healthcare Amidst a Hateful Whirl Wind: Love Can Grow Amidst Dust of War

Healthcare in Gaza faces a whirl-wind of hate from Israel leader, Netanyahu’s policies. But a Abu Ryan, a medical student in Germany, says “Love can grow amidst the dust of war.” Dr Abu is crowdfunding, to help get him through the medical school as a surgeon. Sadly, UN’s humanitarian arm, UNICEF, reports that one in two Palestine children in Gaza, are suffering from severe mental difficulties, as a result of the last Gaza War. In that war, Amnesty International reports, about 550 Palestine children lost their lives & many lost their limbs.

But as difficult as it may seems, Gaza have suffered many wars in the past and is under siege by Israel, where, as part of Netanyahu’s deliberate measures, to take over Palestine lands, Netanyayu is conducting many systemic methods to achieve that objective, i.e. limiting electricity to Gaza & cutting off materials to re-build Gaza after the the last war destruction. These systemic methods, several global press have reported, have put Gaza’s healthcare system, to the “Brink of Collapse.”

In response, the Palestine people, have, i.e. turned to Solar Energy, as a way to supply their homes and public services, such as healthcare facilities. However, global news, have also reported, that many solar power installation, have been destroy by Israel.

The following is from Abu Ryan, a medical student in Germany (source)

Train a New Gazan Surgeon in Germany for Gaza

Abu Ryan

I won`t ever forget the faces of dead children I saw during my training at Shifa hospital, and how Gaza hospitals were in deep needs for skillful surgeons who can save lives!

I realized how much one surgeon who has experience can save lives of hundreds of children in just one day!

My dreams is to be that Surgeon .. please help me make this dream come true!

Anyone who donates $1000 or more will get A Signed copy of Confessions of a War Child book ( by @ChakerKhazaal


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