UN Human Rights Council & Washington Post on Plight of Tibet’s Nomads Under China

Washington Post, just published a Photo-Journalism Essay on Tibet, with, brief words pointing out that China is hurting the Tibet nomadic people. And a few months ago, UN Human Rights Council blasted at China’s treatment of Tibetan nomadic.

However, Washington Post went ahead and gave lots of pictures, of China sponsoring a Tibetan event. And perhaps, what Washington Post is attempting to present, is just the sad fact, that China’s public relations and propaganda, is working with the Tibetan people, at least, when the photo was being taken.

The Washington Post story, got the photo from a man who spent years with Tibetan nomads, but the fact is, Western journalist are not allowed in Tibet, unless they are are approved by China & present China’s view on Tibet. The Washington Post, just present its readers with a Photo-Journalism of the Tibetan nomadic, on the the Tibetan plateau, and gave the following introduction (source):

“The Tibetan Plateau, often called “the Roof of the World,” is the world’s highest and largest plateau. Its open landscape has been home to Tibetan nomads for centuries.”

“China has ruled Tibet since 1959; a Tibetan government in exile in northern India claims sovereignty over the region. Tibetan nomads’ traditional way of life faces challenges  including political pressures, forced resettlement by the Chinese government, climate change and rapid modernization.”

The Following is from Nomad Rights (http://nomadrights.org/)

Suspend the non-voluntary resettlement of nomadic herders from their traditional lands – UN Human Rights Council

The Human Rights Council (the Council) held an interactive dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on the right to food, Mr Olivier De Schutter (Belgium) on 6 March.

Mr De Schutter criticised the policy of forcibly resettling nomadic herders and said that this policy, in relation to herders in Tibet in particular, raised ‘legitimate and important concerns’.

Mr De Schutter’s concluding comments on the policy of forcibly resettling nomadic herders followed statements made by Human Rights Watch and the Helsinki Foundation in which they called for an end to the non-voluntary relocation of nomads until consultations could take place with the parties as the nomads were finding themselves often ‘worse off’ in relation to access to food.  Mr De Schutter also drew to the Council’s attention that since March 2011, there had been 25 self immolations in Tibet against the land resettlement policies of which 18 had been herders forcibly resettled in collective villages.


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