Prosperity: Cameron’s UK, Harper’s Canada & Abbott’s Australia facing head-wind

UK, Canada & Australia, traditionally, have ranked high on the global prosperity (happiness) index. But in 2015, many events occurred, in these countries, that pointed to a deterioration & the strong wind (of discontentment) continues to blow against these countries, especially, with weakening commodities.

The world “Prosperity Index” also called “Happiness Index” is defined by the creator of the index, Legatum as: “Scores the world’s countries on entrepreneurship, personal freedom, health, economy, social capital, education, safety & security, and governance. Reading through their 60 pages of rankings and findings the most powerful takeaway is that prosperity (or happiness) is an emergent property of societal traits. Politicians or tycoons can’t just pull or push a few levers and achieve prosperity for the masses. Rather it’s a holistic thing that must be nurtured over the generations and is greatly influenced by factors like climate, culture, geography, natural resources and luck.”

In the UK, un-employment is rising as social services is being cut by the Cameron conservative government, sending an estimated 3 millions more children, into relative poverty. Social wise, there have been many massive anti-austerity (conservative economic model of small government & services, privatization & management culture of favoring the wealthy, in thinking wealth will trickle from wealthy to poor). UK, is also using “Terror Baiting” to scare the public into accepting a militarized surveillance state, with a water-down, democracy, liberty, justice & rights, for the UK people.

In Canada, the neo liberal (very conservative like) government have turned to terror baiting, as a way to turn Canada into a military and survailance state, angering many Canadians, on top of an already discrimination state against indigenous & economy slowing on falling commodity price issues. Additionally, there have been massive protest by indigenous and Canadians who are against the militarized surveillance state.

In Australia, also neo liberal but conservative in nature, the economy is drifting, medium and long-term, into a crisis of growth constraints, as commodity prices falls and globally alternative to fossil fuel, makes more and more in-roads. Then Australia, like Canada, is also discriminatory towards indigenous, and Australia is also using terror baiting, to turn Australia into a militarized and surveillance state. And like Canada, indigenous people have been protesting and Australia’s anti welcoming of refugees and the treatment, have greatly tarnished Australia’s reputation globally.

The problem, for UK, Canada and Australia is, how will all these “Conservative Measures” impact, their “Prosperity Index.” Can a society, truly be prosperous and happy, when a large segment of the population, are more and more disfranchised away from prosperity and happiness?


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