World’s Indigenous: A people rich in culture, resource, knowledge, but in dire poverty

There are so so many heart-breaking situations globally, from Syria, to Yemen, to Palestine, to Tibet, to West Papua, to like OMG, what else. For most of us, all we really can & hope to do, is just pick an issue closest to our heart, and try to help, and the remaining, just so awful situation, else-where, we just cannot deal with them, or else, we probably will crash.

But if u have time, the following is the best (concise, quick & whole) summary of the situation the global indigenous face. If u have time, please take a look.

Here is the link, to the article, I think is the best primer on indigenous, from First People (see here)

Who Are Indigenous Peoples

The Challenges We Face

With so many assets, how can Indigenous Peoples be so poor?

Indigenous Peoples possess vast tracts of territories rich in natural resources and a wealth of intellectual assets and cultural property. Yet we are the most marginalized and disenfranchised people in the world, and our situation is getting worse. Because we have been stripped of our rights to self-governance and control over our assets, globalization has accelerated the exploitation of Indigenous territories and resources to an extent that threatens our very existence.


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