Breaking View: a Ultra Nationalist Japanese on US Nuclear Bombing of Japan

I went to a business college in California, some 20 to 30 years ago, Menlo College, ranked as one of the best college in California, where wealthy family sent their kids to business school. Back then, Japan was at the height of economic power & US was being defeated economically by Japan. At Manlo, because of anti Asian feeling, back then, Asians stuck together & one of my friend, at the college dormitory, was an Ultra Nationalist Japanese, so ultra, in his room, there was a area, dedicated to worship, Japan, with all the trimmings of Nationalism, such as flags & weapons.

For me, half Thai half American, while now I call myself a stateless global citizen, back then, I loved both Asia & America, and literally, I got into an arguments with many Asians, all the time, about their anti America & anti West, feelings and sentiments. Back then the sentiment at Menlo College was, Asians are discriminated against by White Americans, and Asians had proved to be able to compete successfully with America and the West.

For American, since I as half Asian and half American, I also got along well with Americans, mostly White Americans. And their sentiment was, America should not get involved globally & spend all that money on global security & foreign aid, but America, should isolate itself, from the globe, and shut off its market to the rest of the globe, the same way much of the globe is shut off to America.

However, for me and the Ultra Nationalist Japanese, we got along great. For a long time, I have been an avid student of history, and he would tell me stories about Japan, many of them ancient stories and many of them, about World War 2.

One day, we got down to talk about World War 2, and I told him, the American argument of nuclear bombing Japanese cities was that, if the Americans did not do that, Japan will never surrender, and America, will have to keep going to war, costing more and more American lives, as the war on all the Pacific islands proved, Japan will fight to the last man.

My Japanese friend, agreed, and said even with the nuclear bombing of the cities, there were corners in Japan, who wanted to fight on and even, angry, at the Japanese Emperior for wanting to surrender.

But then my Japanese friend friend, said something, very interesting. He said, America was right and wrong to nuclear bomb Japan. Right because it was the only way to stop the war. But wrong in bombing the cities.

My Japanese friend said, America, should have bombed an un-populated location in Japan, as a demonstration, of the power America had. He said with that, even with those wanting to fight on, a continuous demonstration, will eventually, bring Japan to its sense.

We also talked about why Japan went to war with America, but that is another report, for another day.


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