Kerry in Vietnam: Time for the “Spirit of Selma” in both countries?

Vietnam is stuck in a one party system, with lots of oppression, of human rights and freedom. And the US, is stuck with a racist, militarized police, on a killing spree of minority Americas, namely, Black/African & Native Americans. Can the “Spirit of Selma” help?

USA Secretary of State (Foreign Relations Head) Kerry visited Vietnam, after his participation of the ASEAN foreigners ministers plus, meeting in Malaysia. In Vietnam, Kerry praised close USA & Vietnam relations, from fierce enemies to friendship. Kerry did the not expected, however, and encouraged Vietnam, to open up its society & give freedom to diverging voices, saying the freedom, will ultimately, help better Vietnam’s development.

Kerry also said, the USA, is also struggling with such issues (as freedom and human rights) perhaps, eluding, to the racial divide in USA, hurting mostly, minorities, i.e. Black/African and Native American, rights and freedom.

The other day, someone on Twitter, tweeted about Selma (symbolizes the structural disfranchisement of Blacks/African from politics, as a way to keep racism & discrimination going) & said how can USA, go to the world, and talk about rights and freedom, when Blacks/African Americans, continues to be killed, systematically, by USA police? And the Twitterer, posted the latest killing by the police & the protest, in the USA over the killing.

Globally, USA is a super-power, and what happens internally inside America, impacts the globe. The USA, have since the World Trade Center terror attack, have became, a highly, extreme right, on its application, of all issues, relating to securities, i.e. police, surveillance, & prisoners.

The problem, of having a macro environment internal USA, being far right, on security related issues, hurts, the most vulnerable of society the most & in this case, on this blog post, it is Black/African American. Very often on twitter, on many occasions, of protest and marches, the words, that & this action, is against “The Spirit of Selma” is often heard.

Against that police & security state, however, is the Spirit of Selma, and Selma is a global issue.

Globally, Black/African, are a significant part of the global population, from Africa to the Americas, and most globally, knows, USA legal and justice structure, is discriminatory against Black/African. And even issues, related to the Spirit of Selma, such as Black Lives Matter, gets played out, from some of the streets of Middle East (With Israel training of helping to militarized USA police) to some diplomacy in Africa, reaching to even into Europe, such as UK. Additionally, with many countries globally, a militarize police, suppressing & oppressing protesters and activist, is a serious problems & have raise the specter, of arguments, in many countries, of being the similar to USA.

And because of global press and internet, the news about USA treatment, is available globally, always and very often, with live coverage, & various state controlled press (competitors to USA, such as China & Russia) have always gone maximum, in their exploitation, of USA problems, i.e. how USA treats Black/African.

What Selma, in detail, is about, follows: Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 legally desegregated the South, discrimination was still rampant in certain areas, making it very difficult for blacks to register to vote. In 1965, an Alabama city became the battleground in the fight for suffrage. Despite violent opposition, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his followers pressed forward on an epic march from Selma to Montgomery, and their efforts culminated in President Lyndon Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


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