I Was Sitting On a Bench, Under Great Trees & Birds Watching: Then Came Israeli Tough Guys

I live in Kingdom of Thailand, a very much dystopia country, but life goes on. The capital of this dystopia country is Bangkok, and my condo is on Asoke Road, a road packed with business and residential high-rise. Bangkok is a global class metropolis that attracts residence from all over the planet. And I have met many people from around the planet, living at the condo. And I have met some Israeli and we have had some conversations. In fact, an Israeli guy has a pizza franchise in Bangkok, and he open a pizza store at the plaza at the condo I am living at. I see his quite often, & get the sense that he is quite friendly.

1/30 One morning, I walked from my condo (on Asoke Road) to a mini-market & bought 2 cans of coffee & sat at a bench, enjoying my coffee

2/30 I knew, mini-market & the bench in front, under great trees, was very close the Israel Embassy & even me being a supporter of Palestine

3/30 I do not hate Israel & Israel people, just a cocal critic of Israel policies on Palestine & so no problem sitting there, having coffee

4/30 But then, before u know it, a mid-size (West standard) very physically strong looking Israeli & 5 security people, walked up to me

5/30 & very aggressively, started to ask me questions, starting with what am I doing there & what nationality am I

6/30 I said I was having coffee & (I was not going to lie) I told the group, I am not Thai & I am a stateless global citizen

7/30 One of the guy said, he never heard of that before & then they aggressively demanded to see my passport or other ID

8/30 One of thing, any good quality intelligence analysis school teach u, is when confronted with physical threat of violence & intimidation

9/30 is to do physical check, a self-evaluation of the reality of the self-state (state of self impact responses & so need be accounted for)

10/30 Intelligence analysis is different from operational intelligence in that operation mostly about automatic, systemic & trained response

11/30 so I did a self-check, of my reality-state-of-being & drank rest of the coffee in the can & there was a small trash receptor, near by

12/30 so while sitting, I threw the coffee can into the trash receptor (if I miss, it means I am intimidated & scared, & if not miss, I ok)

13/30 coffee can went into small trash receptor & I smile to myself, stood up, reached for my wallet, select an ID & gave ID to Israeli guy

14/30 More questions came, i.e. why am I called Tavivoot (a Thai name in ID) & I said my father is Thais & why your English so good and such

15/30 The whole thing was getting ridiculous, clearly, I was being interrogated, so I started to ask questions back, i.e. what is going on

16/30 Perhaps they sense something or satisfied, but they finally left & I look at them, go around doing other security screening

17/30 I sat there, open my second can of coffee, finished if & left, started to walk back to my condo & ran into the Israeli guy

18/30 I waved at him & he gave me a thump up wave back & as we pass, I said to him, can I ask u a question

19/30 I asked him if he was Mossad (Israel intelligence service) or what & he said, Mossad was nothing compared to his organization

20/30 (actually, the Israeli insulted the Mossad pretty badly) & I said, Mossad is the best intelligence organization globally

21/30 (actually, there are many government run intelligence units (sort of boutique) that is years ahead of the likes of, i.e. Mossad, CIA)

22/30 I bought this whole series up, because I am thinking of the Palestine people, meaning can u imagine

23/30 look at me, I a stateless global citizen, in Thailand, sitting on a bench drinking coffee in the morning, under trees & noticing birds

24/30 & in a flash, I am being aggressively interrogated, on a property of Thailand, not even part of Israel, by a group of 6

25/30 & think about this, my IDs & my passports, are my personal property & yet, I had to hand my ID over to an Israeli guy, to avoid

26/30 a potential, physical violent confrontation that will end up at a Thai police station & me, having to waste a day & have a record

27/30 & instead of me, enjoying the morning, with coffee, trees & birds, I had to quickly drink the first can of coffee, to do a self-check

28/30 Can u just imagine, what it must be like, everyday, for Palestinians, living under Israel occupation?

29/30 Every year, many of Muslim in Thailand will gather & march to this Israel Embassy I am talking about to protest Palestine occupation

30/30 Every year, when they do that, I would go & observe the situation & all I can say, I love those Muslim protesters very much


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