China lead Developmental Bank & A Book on China’s Destruction of Asia’s Highlands & Deltas

There is no doubt, China is oppressive and suppressive internally and aggressive externally, just look at China’s crack-down on lawyers and activist and what China is doing in the Pacific Waters, i.e. South China Sea. But China, is a major country & is globalizing. However,the saying to keep in mind is, “No matter where you go, there you are.” And where ever China goes, those oppressive, suppressive and aggressive characters will go with China.

The following is a book available on Amazon (source)

Meltdown in Tibet:

China’s Reckless Destruction of Ecosystems from the Highlands of Tibet to the Deltas of Asia

The following is the introduction of the book on Amazon:

Tibetans have experienced waves of genocide since the 1950s. Now they are facing ecocide. The Himalayan snowcaps are in meltdown mode, due to climate change–accelerated by a rain of black soot from massive burning of coal and other fuels in both China and India. The mighty rivers of Tibet are being dammed by Chinese engineering consortiums to feed the mainland’s thirst for power, and the land is being relentlessly mined in search of minerals to feed China’s industrial complex. On the drawing board are plans for a massive engineering project to divert water from Eastern Tibet to water-starved Northern China. Ruthless Chinese repression leaves Tibetans powerless to stop the reckless destruction of their sacred land, but they are not the only victims of this campaign: the nations downstream from Tibet rely heavily on rivers sourced in Tibet for water supply, and for rich silt used in agriculture. This destruction of the region’s environment has been happening with little scrutiny until now. In Meltdown in Tibet, Michael Buckley turns the spotlight on the darkest side of China’s emergence as a global super power

Hegemony is defined as political or cultural dominance or authority over others.

1) A few weeks ago, 57 countries, mostly, Europe & Asia, held signing ceremony to set up China-led infrastructure bank (AIIB)

2) Today, I twitter posted, about 30 photo-journalism & articles, on China’s “Tyrant Junta” internal oppression & external aggression,

3) & on China’s “Tyrant Junta” destructive economic development model, such as exposed by a book on Tibet Highland & Deltas of Asia

4) & in that twitter posting of about 30 photo-journalism & articles, there were many on China’s “Tyrant Junta” plans for the Americas

5) As the photo-journalism & articles show, there are massive opposition to China’s “Tyrant Junta” plans for many parts of the Americas

6) that massive opposition to China’s “Tyrant Junta” plans for many parts of the Americas focus on “Infrastructure Development”

7) considering, from 1/28 to 6/28, China-led infrastructure bank (AIIB) should be a cause of “Great Concern & Worry Globally”

8) But worse, UK Royalty, lead much of the West, into accepting China’s tyrant junta “Destructive Economic Model”

9) & it should be noted, that Russia, only joined China-led infrastructure bank (AIIB), right after, UK did

10) & it should be noted, US, went to the extent, to object to the UK, on the China “Tyrant Junta” led infrastructure bank (AIIB)

11) Last week, Caribbean News Now (@caribnewsnow) had a very important article > warning the people of the Americas of China

12) The article by Caribbean News Now (@caribnewsnow) was with the headline, that basically says:

13) “People should not be excited about China’s money, but look at China’s history & track-record”

14) Interesting that a small, internet news agency, Caribbean News Now (@caribnewsnow) has more sense than UK, Europe & Australia

15) & UK, Europe & Australia should know, that China’s economy is slowing, on several fundamental reality & China needs

16) to step-up, resource (including human resource) exploitation, globally, to keep its economic system from imploding

17) with that, given China history & track-record on > geo economic, geo political & geo national security = UK & Europe, Australia

18) have no excuse to go ahead & > i.e. join China’s “Tyrant Junta” led infrastructure bank (AIIB)

19) Additionally, for UK, Europe & Australia, China “Tyrant Junta” has “Veto Power” over the infrastructure bank (AIIB)

20) Is UK, Europe & Australia so desperate for China’s “Tyrant Junta” money, to accept, being “Under” a junta’s “Veto Power”

21) A question to Germany’s leader, Angela Merkel (@dw_germany) how deeper will Germany take Europe into dystopia?

22) A question to UK’s leader, David Cameroon (@foreignoffice) how deeper will your party take UK into dystopia?

23) A question to Australia’s leader,Tony Abbott (@TonyAbbottMHR) how deeper will your party take Australia into dystopia?

24) & I want to pose a question, to a guy I like a lot, Putin (@PutinRF_Eng) leading a country I love very much, Russia

25) To Putin (@PutinRF_Eng): “U may be OK with riding China’s “Tyrant Junta” coat-tail, but I ride no-one’s coat-tail”

26) To Putin (@PutinRF_Eng): “Are u sure about leaving a big part of Russia’s future, hanging on/with China’s “Tyrant Junta?”

27) Lastly, my congratulation to Obama (@POTUS) national security backers, to see the danger of China’s “Tyrant Junta” led bank (AIIB) & called on other Western powers to reject joining the bank.


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