US Strategic Adjustments on Cuba, Iran & Africa: Here Some News on Russia & China Reaction

This July, 2015 was a tumultuous month for Obama, with US Cuba, US Iran & Obma in Africa. With that type of geo-politics, geo-economic & geo-national-security developing, so lots of strategic adjustments had been going on globally. Traditionally, US, Russia & China are competitors globally, with China & Russia moving closer. And while USA gets called out a great deal of being an Imperialist & Hegemonic, all three have those characters, just look Russia on Tartars and China on Tibet as examples. The following are some news about Russia & China, as the world moves forward.

1 Russia: authorities forcing indigenous hunters association to register as “foreign agents” … …

2 Russia: HRCtte concerned over denial of #indigenous land rights, sacred sites desecrated … …

3 Hong Kong Lawmakers Reject China’s Plan for Its Political Future – Bloomberg Business

4 To control Tibet, China wants say in Dalai Lama’s successor – Las Vegas Sun News

5 Pakistan, China committed to completion of Economic Corridor (Comment: As China trying to survive #stock crash)

6 Uyghur Separatism And China’s Crisis Of Credibility In The War On Terror | The Jamestown Foundation

7 China’s state media pour scorn on Obama’s Africa trip #Sino-US

8 Barack Obama enthusiastic about prospect of greater ties with India: US – IBNLive

9 Universities are the new battleground for democracy in Hong Kong – Business Insider

10 Uighur expulsion puts strain on Turkey’s ties with China, Thailand

11 Abysmal Human Rights Conditions & Systematic Failure to Play by Rules Make China Unfit to Host 2022 Winter Games

12 China’s Maritime Disputes!/ … (Comment: A Good Quality Must Read Primer)

13 Pope makes history in South America | CNN (Comment: #China’s persecution of #Christian will be an issue in region)

14 Russia, China block Security Council (UNSC) referral of #Syria to International Criminal Court

15 Gaidar’s (Symbolic of Hope for a Modern Russia) Departure Is a Sad Sign of the Times | Opinion | The Moscow Times

16 Tony Abbott warns Labor against ‘short-term xenophobic politics’ over China deal | ABC Radio Australia

17 China ASEAN trade negotiations to be completed by year-end – Business –

18 The Statesman: China auto sales slump hits industry fortunes

19 Govt to dedicate 2015 to Pakistan China friendship (Comment: Does #Pakistan care about China crack-down on #Muslim)

20 US says Europeans could help more in South China Sea dispute

21 Rollercoaster China Stock Market has more room to drop –

22 China’s New Silk Road a disaster waiting to happen? > … (Comment: #StockMarket a disaster)

23 Labor Strikes Surge in China > … (Comment: with rapid #wage increases & #rich/#poor gap)

24 Russia: Putin at UNSC, on Srebrenica, again covers for those who commit mass #atrocity >

25 National Endowment for Democracy becomes first ‘undesirable organization’ in Russia

26 Russia’s Democratic Coalition. The opposition is being barred from elections again. Here’s what you need to know

27 Racism in Russia must change before World Cup | GiveMeSport (Comment: #Putin is #xenophobia)

28 Russia Turkey gas pipeline may be delayed | Anadolu Agency–russia-turkey-gas-pipeline-may-be-delayed

28 North American LNG Could Weaken Russia’s Grip On Europe |

30 Russia Blocks UN Security Council (UNSC) Vote on MH17 Tribunal – World News – ABC News Radio

31 Chinese language will be on Russia’s College Entrance Exam – Xinhua |

32 Democracy Abroad Is Good for America | Freedom House

33 China Uses ‘Picking Quarrels’ Charge to Cast a Wider Net Online – The New York Times

34 China’s Clickbait Nationalism against Japan | Foreign Policy

35 Japan’s still stodgy — but it may finally be getting better | Public Radio International

36 As China’s Global Footprint Grows, So Do Risks for Chinese Abroad – WSJ

37 China and India Top List of Nations Whose Millionaires Move Abroad – Fortune

38 Chinese Persecution of Christians Reaches Highest Level in a Decade | Washington Free Beacon

39 China Declares War On Islam: Mosques Prayer Outlawed & All Muslim Shopkeepers Must Sell Alcohol – Walid Shoebat

40 Pacific trade talks final stretch as ministers meet in Hawaii (Comment: Obama needs to polish away rough edges)

41 US Pacific Fleet Chief Joins Surveillance of South China Sea – ABC News

42 Russian Banks Turn to Hong Kong for Cash – Bloomberg Business

43 UN urges China & Thailand to protect Uighur | Anadolu Agency (Comment: China is also prosecuting #Christians)–un-urges-china-and-thailand-to-protect-uighurs … …

44 Dalai Lama to receive Czech supporters of Tibet | Prague Monitor

45 Cultural delegation show Tibet to Spanish people –  (Comment: Whit Washing Colonization) … …

46 Tibetan activists campaign against 2022 Olympics in China … …

47 BERNAMA – Russia: Far East To Compete With Singapore, Hong Kong & Korea … …


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