US Strategic Adjustments on Cuba, Iran & Africa: Here Some News on Indigenous Survival

July 2015 was a tremendous month, historically, with US Cuba opening embassies, US & Iran agree on nuclear weapons & Obama’s African trip. However there is another group of people, “Indigenous” & under “Colonization” that are just trying to survive. The follow are some news about them, this July, of historic month, as the world changes and moves on.

1 Amazon requires “greater protection because of its immense importance 4 the global ecosystem.” @Pontifex @MashiRafael

2 Hey China (& Ecuador) the Amazon is off-limits for oil drilling!

3 What You Need to Know About Growing Opposition to Peru’s TiaMaria Mining Project (Part II)

4 Peru: Indigenous communities demand land rights

5 Is China’s increased presence in Argentina coming at the cost of it’s environment

6 The effects of mining in Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru

7 ‘Deadly’ trans-Amazon railway sparks fear among tribes

8 See images from this weekend’s protests against the proposed Chinese canal in Nicaragua

9 10,000 Nicaraguans march against Chinese canal that will cut country in 2:

10 If realized, the railway line would wreak havoc on indigenous peoples’ lands

11 “The situation facing Argentina’s indigenous people is dire.” -@PrensaPEsquivel

12 Bolivia opens up national parks to oil and gas firms … #indigenous #energy #dam #Amazon

13 “We don’t forget & we don’t forgive. It was the State.” 250 days w/o the Ayotzinapa students

14 Tapajós & other Amazon dams not sustainable development

15 Report about violence against indigenous peoples in Brazil was lauched by @ciminacional

16 RT for indigenous rights “Amazonian Tribe Brings Struggle to International Stage”

17 @Chevron v Ecuador “rumble in the jungle” legal fight rages on

18 Brazilian indigenous woman claim solidarity of indigenous relatives in the world

19 Brazilian indigenous leader to address @UN council in effort to stop Amazon dam

20 Brazil’s disastrous BeloMonte dam puts livelihood of 2,000 families at risk prosecutors say

21 Guatemala: Local indigenous populations oppose dam being backed by Spanish company

22 Nicaragua: Nicaraguan police beat protesters and harass journalists, in Managua

23 Indigenous women were arrested & beaten by cops in Amazonas Brazil

24 Argentina: Indigenous peoples against the criminalization of the struggle for territory, in Tucuman. ht @PikaiaRyN

25 Brazil: Indigenous people were beaten by police because they prevented fishing tourism

26 Ecuador: Students, farmers and activists at anti-mining protest in the Chinese embassy in Quito, July 14.

27 Mega-dams doing drastic harm to tropical biodiversity: study

28 Will Colombia’s peace talks aid environmental issues?

29 Talisman Energy (owned by Repsol) refuses to clean up their Peru Amazon mess (sound familiar?)

30 Brazilian government supports 164 mining projects in the vicinity of indigenous lands

31 Indigenous activists fight highway construction on sacred land

32 Militarization in Honduras causes spike in Human Rights abuses

33 Scientists must let world’s most isolated tribes make own decisions

34 Ecuador: Unionists & indigenous movement are calling for a general strike against govt measures. P/v @dayumaEc

35 Venezuela: Coal exploration projects suspended by Chávez are restored

36 Venezuela: Indigenous ppl have denounced military for failing to tackle the illegal mining

37 Maps show us that where indigenous peoples have rights, forests remain. @IfNotUs_ThenWho

38 What Colombia’s indigenous U’wa people are fighting for! See a gallery of photos they took

39 China visits floundering Brazil bearing gifts with strings attached

40 Amazonian railway threatens uncontacted tribes & rainforest

42 Indigenous Alliance Demands Brazil Halt Amazon Dams

43 Our blog on @Pajaropolitico tells how Las Cruces dam is trampling Mexico’s indigenous culture

43 Women in Resistance and Resilience in Latin America

44 Fighting for their Lives: Exposing Growing Violence against Environ Activists

45 Peru’s indigenous people protest against relicensing of oil concession

47 Imaginary Spear Outrages Australia. Hit And Run Death Of Black Child Doesn’t |

48 Tarnanthi Aboriginal art festival in Australia brings indigenous artists, with new directions, to town

49 Dear Ministers, you are precipitating (Australian indigenous) catastrophe

50 Discovery Channel to display new perspective of aboriginal culture | Society | FOCUS TAIWAN – CNA ENGLISH NEWS

51 Photos: #NativeAmericans honor their #heritage at annual powwow on Pioneer Day | Deseret News

42 American Foortball Redskins Name Controversy: Owners, Fans Saying They Don’t Care About Native Americans’ Opinions

53 Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) announces supply drive for Native Americans living on isolated reservations

54 West Papua situation similar to East Timor prior to independence, activist says – ABC News

55  The Dalai Lama “Ethics is more important than religion” | Life Skills | Reader’s Digest

56 Italian and Slovenian reporters visit Tibet – CCTV (My Coment: #China use foreign reporters as #propaganda tool)

57 Belyuen, an Australian Aboriginal community film collective, selected for Melbourne International Film Festival

58 Panama’s Indigenous Seek Help from the Pope in Land Struggle | News | teleSUR English

58 Israeli Extremists Burn Harvested Palestinian Wheat – International Middle East Media Center

59 Israeli ministers vs. the rule of law – Opinion – – Haaretz Daily Newspaper | Israel News

60 UK’s court gives UK protesters for Palestine a victory: OK protest of Israel arms factory in UK …

62 KSA raises financial aid to Palestine (My Comment: To $60 m a year & to Palestine authority = stupid & sick joke)

63 Five key things to know about West Papua – ABC News (My Comment: A must read in a quick easy to read summary) …

64 West Papua activists evicted from an Australian parliament grounds after setting up embassy | The Guardian

65 Pakistan gets $337 m under coalition from US (My Comment: How much of that supports #Colonization of Balochistan)$337-million-under-Coalition-Support-Fund

66 Pakistan, China committed to completion of Economic Corridor (My Comment: As China trying to survive stock crash)

67 Balochistan: Three villages destroyed and several killed in Pakistan’s #AwaranOperation | Baluch Sarmachar

69 BLF appeals UN to send fact finding mission to investigate Pakistan War Crimes (in occupied Belochistan)

69 Hong Kong activist denies she was warned by police at Occupy protest (My Comment: Police down-play abuse news)

70 UN urges China & Thailand to protect Uighur | Anadolu Agency (My Comment: China is also prosecuting Christians)–un-urges-china-and-thailand-to-protect-uighurs

71 Tibet’s H1 tourism revenue surges 30%-  (My Comment: #China profiteering from #Colonization)

72 Dalai Lama to receive Czech supporters of Tibet | Prague Monitor

73 Cultural delegation show Tibet to Spanish people – (My Comment: Whit Washing Colonization) …

74 To control Tibet, China wants say in Dalai Lama’s successor – Las Vegas Sun News …

75 UK’s 2010 to 2015 Conservative & Liberal Democrat coalition government: Minister asks Scotland to help

76 Poor rainfall raising concerns about current & future food security in Central America & Haiti  | ReliefWeb

77 Australia mining firm, Fortescue, fuel split at aboriginal leadership, to grab land for mining – ABC News…

78 Australia Aboriginal sport star Adam Goodes takes break due to ‘racist’ abuse | …

79 Article: OakFlat: The Latest Land Grab From Native Americans | OpEdNews…

80 Citing Religious Freedom, Native Americans Fight To Take Back Sacred Land From Mining Companies | ThinkProgress

81 Missing and murdered indigenous women inquiry needed, Calgary council says – Calgary – CBC News

82 A Tribe Called Red’s electric powwow puts indigenous culture centre stage | Music | The Guardian

83 Mysterious link between people from South America and Australia | ScienceNordic …

84 Erdogan: Peace process with Kurds over | All media content |http://DW.COM  | 28.07.2015 …

85 Jordan sentences pro Palestine activists up to 15 years – General news – …?

86 President Obama: It is now the time for Palestine – Opinion – # Jerusalem Post …

90 AFL urges racist Australian crowds to stop booing renowned Aboriginal player Adam Goodes | via @Telegrap h …

91 New Study Suggests Different Origins of Native Americans – Clapway

92 Tribe wants Hate Crime charges on man who shot 2 Native Americans as violence on indigenous increase  http// … via @People

93 Australia West Papua Association calls on Pacific Islands Forum to address Human Rights situation in West Papua


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