Africa with Obama trip: Here Are Some Reactions

Obama is on an Africa trip & too early to say, can he spark a strategic shift in Africa (America’s influence hurt from, i.e. US racist militarized police brutal activity on Black/African). But there some significant strategic shift in Asia (US Iran Deal) & Americas (US Cuba Deal) coming at a time, US trade with Africa, is going down, as US trade with rest up. Parts of Africa also meshed with the Middle East & repressive tyrant regime culture, is contagious. Also China has aligned against ICC, to gain favor with African governments. Collapse of commodities is also hitting economy hard, & I captured a picture for u of news recently on Africa (see following 1/15 to 15/15)

1/15 @NPR: Kenyan Novelist Explains What President Obama’s Visit Signifies

2/15 ‘Feels so good’: Mick Fanning returns to surf after shark attack in South Africa  via @sharethis

3/15 US, UK, World Bank among aid donors complicit in Ethiopia’s war on indigenous tribes … …

4/15 Campaign group accuses Liberia Palm Oil firm of exploiting Ebola crisis … via @TR_Foundation

5/15 UN Aid Chief Warns of ‘Devastating’ Toll in South Sudan War

6/15 Nigerian professionals in South Africa urge AU to check xenophobia – DailyPost Nigeria

7/15 SPI International / FilmBox expand in Africa

8/15 South Africa not expecting increase in tourists from India – The Economic Times

9/15 South Africa: The Best Fine Wine for Your Money … via @winecoza

10/15 South Africa: Basic Education Looks to Improve Sexuality Education  via @allafrica

11/15 Obama In Kenya For Global Entrepreneurship Summit: African Youth Start Businesses Amid Severe Unemployment

12/15 #SAP Africa Bolsters Leadership Team, Articles | THISDAY LIVE:

13/15 Electricity for Africa & White House-led initiative to expand electricity in the world’s poorest countries

14/15 The Effects of Obama’s Presidency in Africa: Readers’ Opinions

15/15 EBOLA: Merck, UNESCO and Cambridge University build research capacity in Africa … via @vanguardngrnews


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