Forgive the Vatican for Colonization? Some Indigenous Can and Some Cannot

On twitter, I follow a great many people on the indigenous issues & many, even with the Pope making many statements in South America, i.e. apologies for the Church’s very bad treatment of indigenous, back in history, many indigenous I follow, cannot accept the Pope apology.

Many twitter, that one has to be an indigenous, to understand the feelings of many indigenous. To many indigenous, the Pope’s words, in South America was not enough, to over-come, the bad blood and memory.

But there are other indigenous, that I follow on twitter, who loved what the Pope said in South America very much, and just kept posting pictures of the Pope and his words, for several days.

1/20 The concept of “Forgiveness” from my experience, is very complex & involves much

2/20 Definition of Forgive: stop feeling angry or resentful toward (someone) for an offense, flaw, or mistake

3/20 In the movie “Shawshank Redemption” a black guy, in jail from a young age to elderly, for a nasty crime, went up for parole hearing

4/20 & he always failed to get a parole, then one day, he matured & said the guy (himself) who committed the nasty crime is stupid & gone

5/20 Anonymous movement has a saying that I agree “We are regions. We do not forget. We do not forgive”

6/20 But there is a cautious part in me, that says, be aware, what “We Do not forget. We do not forgive” is doing to u-self

7/20 I recent ran into a women, we used to be a couple & we broke up, looking back, most of it was my fault & she went on with her life

8/20 but in the conversation, there was no getting away from it, she was aggressive, angry & negative towards me

9/20 I apologized & said sorry to her, in the long conversation & explained to her, I have grown & matured since

10/20 But I told her also, sometimes, when u negative towards someone, in the end, that negative, can hurt the one doing the negative, more

11/20 I have a high-school friend, his father suddenly went bankrupt & so he always asks friend for money & one day he asked me

12/20 like many high-school student, I was on a daily allowance, but I gave some money to him & told him, I was not happy about it

13/20 time flew, & he became wealthy & I quite poor, & when we meet, he goes to the extreme, show me, how rich he is & trash me, being poor

14/20 I thought the show-off money & trashing poor, is about me, but no, that became his personality

15/20 the concept of “Forgive” does not just apply to the individual, the Pope, just said sorry & apologize, what Church did, to indigenous

16/20 & on twitter, I follow, mostly, indigenous related & many, reject the Pope, saying sorry & apology

17/20 & still hate the Church, saying, i.e. u do not understand, because of this & that, for me, however, I think solution is more important

18/20 for example, the Americas, where the Pope said sorry & apologize, there are massive issues, causing much suffering

19/20 Definition of sorry: feeling distress, especially through sympathy with someone else’s misfortune.

20/20 Definition of apology: express regret for something that one has done wrong.


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