Warren Buffet, billionaire investor, confirms: There is a class war all right & my class winning

Joseph Schumpeter, a father of Austrian Economics, says, basically, Capitalism will fail, but not because of Socialism, but because of the corrupt morals & ethics, of the Capitalist leaders.

Corruption Definition: 1) Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery and 2) the process by which something, typically a word or expression, is changed from its original use or meaning to one that is regarded as erroneous or debased.

Capitalism Definition: An economic system and a mode of production in which trade, industries, and the means of production are largely or entirely privately owned. Private firms and proprietorships usually operate in order to generate profit, but may operate as private nonprofit organizations.

Someone posted on Twitter, the other day, that the Greece and Iceland movement, understands that “Austerity” is in fact, a weapon of “Class War.” For quite a while now, the issue of Class War had come up in America, and Warren Buffet, the billionaire stock market investor said: “There is a class war all right & my class is winning.”

Consider the following:

1/21 Globally, lots of subsidy, i.e. Greek subsidized economy, agriculture subsidy & social safety-nets subsidy

2/21 & Capitalist, into Free Market, criticize subsidy greatly, as being anti free market that brings “Market Distortions” & inefficiency

3/21 But when it comes to Stock Market, i.e. China’s junta stock market support (manipulating & subsidizing), Capitalist goes quiet

4/21 Money news, always, so much trashing of, i.e. Greece positions, agriculture subsidy, social safety nets program, but

5/21 on top quiet of, i.e. China junta’s stock market manipulation & subsidy, openly supportive of what China junta doing, on stock market

6/21 Just think back for the past week, on China’s Stock Market, the words, i.e. Bounce, Surge, Rebound, Recover, was all over money news

7/21 I no idea factual or not, but some reports says @IMFNews support China’s government (junta) market support (manipulation + subsidy)

8/21 For me, as I saw the likes of i.e. @BloombergTV, @ReutersBiz & @CNBC trash Yingluck’s agriculture subsidy to the maximum

9/21 as wasteful & distort market, & now see @BloombergTV, @ReutersBiz & @CNBC talk of China’s not free stock market, as business as usual

10/21 out of Europe, strongest criticism of China’s junta stock market manipulation & subsidy, I saw, was a Swiss money group, said:

11/21 normal people still staying away from China stock market, but went round & round, & avoid & never said words manipulation & subsidy

12/21 perhaps issue is sensitive, because across Europe “Austerity” (cut government spending & free up Market Force) the economic theme

13/21 But last week theme, on money news, mostly Welcoming Support (manipulation & subsidy)” to China’s stock & advertorial a “Buy”

14/21 & China’s stock market, became investment opportunity & great news China’s market up, because Wall Street hit by China’s market fall

15/21 in effect, Wall Street happy, of manipulation & subsidy of China stock, helping to manipulate & subsidize Wall Street, to go up

16/21 & as Wall Street happy all that manipulation & subsidy of stocks, Capitalist, been trashing Greece & pushing “Austerity” globally

17/21 laying to waste, i.e. from European people (i.e. Greek people, 2 million more UK kids in poverty) to Kingdom of Thailand farmers

18/21 The result is, millions of people suffering & causing social problems & at a time, basic social safety nets, under attack

19/21 All of that suffering, social problems & attack of safety nets, in the name of cure to “Financial Crisis” cause by financial units

20/21 & what going on? People who loves Free Market & push austerity getting rich, investing in China’s stocks (manipulation & subsidy)

21/21 In the end, in sum, someone twitter the other day, there is no philosophy to anything, the only problem is “Elite Power”


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