Greek: “I am just Trying to forget everything & survive the next winter”

Someone posted on Twitter, the other day, that the Greece and Iceland movement, understands that “Austerity” is in fact, a weapon of “Class War.” For quite a while now, the issue of Class War had come up in America, and Warren Buffet, the billionaire stock market investor said, there is a class war, & his class is winning.

1/15 The Greek Parliament just approved an “Economic Package” deal,  that Greek reached with EU, and the deal now goes to EU for official stamp, into usage

But on the streets of Greece, after the approval, was protest & burning of many properties

2/15 The Definition of Ignorance: lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated.

3/15 The Definition of Ego: Conscious mind & identity > If you say someone has “a big ego,” then you are saying he is too full of himself.

4/15 I no idea, what is the best economic solution to Greek crisis, but as a democratic, liberty, justice & rights activist, I concern

5/15 about the Greek people, especially, after reading a press (Guardian) report, that the solution, may be so severe, humanitarian aid

6/15 cannot be ruled out & also about the Greek Labor Minister, saying the solution is not viable

7/15 But reason, I bought up, definition of “Ignorance” & “Ego” is during talks to find a solution, IMF’s opinion offered

8/15 That IMF offer to help, was rejected, in the most “Corrupt & Ugly” way, by hiding & cancel out, the help, during talks

9/15 Now, after a deal, agreed by all sides (minus IMF help) on a solution was reached, lots of information from IMF, on viability of deal

10/15 Week earlier, about 60% of the Greek people, basically, said, lets “Bite the Bullet” & walk away, & one reason, for that, way is

11/15 The about 60% of the Greek people, have lived with, the failures, of other packages of solution & why go through the same thing again

12/15 Many observer, such as the leading US internet news unit, Democracy Now, said the agreed on solution, is a “Blackmail

13/15 I did not fully, understood what Democracy Now meant, but then, on twitter, someone said, forget whole thing & everything, because

14/15 Winter is coming & the Greek people need, shelter, food & medicine, and lets just focus on surviving past winter & for another year

15/15 The Definition of Suffer: experience or be subjected to (something bad or unpleasant).


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