The Famous Wall Street Investment Book Market Wizards on Investors Mental Blocks

In the famous Wall Street investment book “Market Wizards” a chapter of the book is dedicated to the study of psychology of top Wall Street traders, and from the chapter, there is no doubt, “Mental Blocks” do impact top Wall Street traders performances, and because these traders, manage US$ trillions in asset, their mental state do impact “Stock Market” prospects.

A tyrant is define as a cruel and oppressive ruler. How many tyrants are there globally? 10? 20? 30? Perhaps 100s? And while tyrants brings havoc to humanity issues, i.e. human rights & democracy, they also bring havoc to other issues, i.e. economic growth. Typically, countries run by tyrants suffer some form of “Dystopia” meaning the people of the country feel there is little hope in a better future and society is crumbling.

I had a conversation, once, with a famous psychology, who had a chapter, in the best seller book, Market Wizard, & his chapter in the book was about how top Wall Street investors, would often have mental block, as a result of failed investments. And his chapter, was about how he will help these investors.

We also talked about the public, meaning the people, as related to the economy and the stock market. And we discussed a society, being a “Dystopia” or “Utopia” as related to the economy and stock market. In sum, the famous psychologist in that book told me, a “Dystopia” society, hurts the economy, and the stock market.

Think about it, how many countries do u know, that after a tyrant came to power or becomes more tyrannical, economic growth suffered, i.e. just look Russia and China, as it drifts more and more into an autocratic system, more and more, the economy tanks.

Lets look at a country, Kingdom of Thailand, being ruled by a Dictator. At the start of 2014, before the Neo Fascist went destabilizing Thailand for a coup, the GDP was projected at 3% to 3.5%. With the destabilization and coup, 2014, ended up with a GDP of 0.07%. So far in 2015, with military all over the Dictator cabinet, lack of know-how, coupled with blaming the government the coup ousted, GDP is being revised downward, practically every month.

1/25 The IMF recently, lowered global growth again & globally, great growth opportunity is hard to find, mostly, just ahead as usual

2/25 & one reason, the global economy is just, so so, is because of political conflicts & violent conflicts

3/25 One engine of global growth, is the tourism industry, which is highly sensitive to events & fast moving

4/25 Globally, tourism big business & competition between countries very fierce, pitching many factors to consumers’ decision making

5/25 i.e. pleasure ship cruise business, with Cuba & US warming of relations, an Italian cruise opened first move, to base in Cuba

6/25 Even, all sort complex issues in Cuba & US relations, making things difficult, practically overnight, US ok its cruise ship go Cuba

7/25 & in Asia, Singapore is cruise center, but suddenly, friendly #US & Vietnam relation, US cruise line donated money, a Vietnam port

8/25 Kingdom of Thailand, with so many great island, like Phuket, suddenly, perhaps saw Vietnam & Singapore, jumped to promote

9/25 Competition so fierce, i.e. in the Caribbean, other countries are worried about the emergence of Cuba & in Kingdom of Thailand

10/25 With Singapore’s relentless & non-stop moves, to make the country attractive & solve its being a boring place to visit reputation

11/25 Suddenly, Bangkok Post, was asking does Bangkok really want to be like Singapore (boring) as the Dictator’s gentrify, hits Bangkok

12/25 The tourism industry is a very sensitive & fast moving business & Kingdom of Thailand, serves a great as example

13/25 About 20 to 30 years ago, Phuket island, now world renowned, was a relatively quite & un-known place

14/25 Then a manufacturing firm, set-up a factory of some-sort, that endangered the environment & so #protest & factory burned down

15/25 That news went global & helped established Phuket as a brand name, as a beautiful place where people cared about the environment

16/25 Bangkok, despite known to many, as home of the Neo Fascist Royalist Elite, that brushed off, because Bangkok is so great

17/25 Just take a look at global tourism news on Bangkok for the past 5 to 10 years, so much news city very lively, i.e. street-side scene

18/25 but with a Dictator running country, Kingdom of Thailand is being turned into “Military Barrack” type of place, including Bangkok

19/25 & look at Phuket, from standing for something great, like the environment, decades before it caught on globally

20/25 news today, globally, is Thai military, taking Phuket journalists to court, for the journalists reports on Human Trafficking

21/25 & worse, Kingdom of Thailand’s Dictator & China’s junta, loves each other so much, Chinese tourist flooding in, as never before

22/25 apart from lots criticism about problems of Chinese tourist (& also Russians) behaviors, but the problem is

23/25 that millions of Chinese tourist is turning many Kingdom of Thailand tourist attractions, into nightmares of over-crowding & other tourist flee the Kingdom, i.,e. Europeans.

24/25 & Dictator decides kiss China junta even more & sends Muslims into China’s junta jaws, outraging Muslims & Muslim tourism important

25/25 Then on top of everything else, the Dictator (military people) somehow, fails to solve a crisis in Kingdom’s “Flying Safety


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