Bastille Day: But will there be a storming of fossil fuel at the Paris climate meet?

More and more climate scientist are verifying the fact that climate change situation, is worse that first thought and that a 2 degree increase in global temperature can be catastrophic. The leaders of the planet are meeting in Paris this year, to hammer out a strategy to deal with climate change. Many have called to the meeting to set a date-line, to the end of using fossil fuel.

1/20 Today is French Bastille (Bastille represented royal authority in centre of Paris) Day, the historic day of the French Revolution

2/20 & yesterday, Kingdom of Thailand Dictator decided to hand France a demand that France goes after Thais who insulted Thai royalty

3/20 & today, at French Embassy at Kingdom of Thailand, the ambassador told the local press, he prays “Democracy” comes to Thailand

4/20 When the terror group, IS, first hit the planet, the global responded by getting organized & focal point, was Paris, France

5/20 & French leader became a figure global people watch closely, but France took a turn to being a hypocrite on freedom & touting racism

6/20 So the luster on French leader, pretty much disappeared & France went off radar. But French leader one thing & French people another

7/20 Last night I went to 7/11 & met group of French people we been friendly together & there is a French women, that I like a lot, but

8/20 the French women has a boyfriend & she so attractive, so I asked the group, what does French people do to each other when they meet

9/20 the French women, that I like a lot said we do this & she lean over to her boyfriend & gave him a French cheek kiss exchange

10/20 & I told the group, may I apply to be a French citizen & so I can become a French people

11/20 The French women I like a lot, looked at me & laugh, then she leaned over to me & we exchange cheek-kiss & so I told the group, I been

12/20 Inducted into being a French citizen & a French people, & quite happy (actually, it was heaven being kissed by the French women

13/20 The French women, I am so attracted to, is blond & petite, & have this sunshine exuberance & #positivism to her

14/20 & from looking how she dress, quite California (as I remembered California) meaning modern down to earth & not sophisticated fashion

15/20 But still, I wondering (& will censor out the extent of wondering) when she goes to parties, will it be sophisticated black dress

16/20 meant to deliver a stunning defeat, to even the strongest men, on the planet

17/20 As far as the French leader is concerned, however, there basically, one chance left to matter, & that is the Paris climate meeting

18/20 More & more, practically, everyday, scientific research is supporting the conclusion, the planet’s environment crisis

19/20 is worse than the consensus, so far, had established

20/20 Will there be a storming of “Fossil Fuel” at the Paris environmental meet, as the successful storming of the Bastille? And if there is, will it be a success?


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