Baloch Independence Movement: “One day the global people will stand with us”

I first heard of the Beloch struggle for Liberty & Freedom, from Pakistan, from hearing about, the abduction of a Beloch people student leader, Zakir Majeed of the BSO Azad Movement. The BSO Azad Movement, is a Political Organization & struggling for Independent Balochistan. There is another movement struggling for an Independent Balochistan, The Baloch National Movement (BNM).

Since then, I have been following the Baloch Independent Movement news and the movement, is vocal, in trying to gain global support, and on twitter, in many of the movement post, will link the post to such, organizations as UN, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and other such, calling for them to notice what is occurring in Belochistan.

The movement will also hold press conferences and stage protest globally, but as I check the news, there seldom is news on the movement. And the movement will lament, often, that, i.e. at the press conference, few news unit will show up.

The other day, someone from the movement, twitter posted, quoted: “One day the global people will stand with us.”

(Up-Dated: Pakistan has launched another military campaign, since I fist posted, this blog news report. According to data (some-what verified with pictures) a score of civilians and their property, namely homes, have been killed and destroy)

1/30 Pakistan is currently conducting a military offense again the the people of a Pakistan occupied country, Balochistan

2/30 Partially verify data (no independent oserver) by the Baloch National Movement (BNM) & BSO Social Media Activist Teams with list of names > 14 Baloch people killed

3/30 Additionally, BNM & BSO Social Media Activist Teams stated that a score of children & women were injured, as the Pakistan military offense continues

4/30 Balochistan, occupied by Pakistan & border Afghanistan, Iran & Arabian Sea, is an independent country founded about 500 years ago

5/30 In 1876, Sir Robert Sandeman negotiated Treaty of Kalat and brought Balochistan under British suzerainty

6/30 At end of British Raj, in August 1947 the Chief Commissioner’s Province of Balochistan immediately took country to became part of Pakistan

7/30 After Balochistan fell under Pakistan occupation, the Baloch National Movement (BNM) was formed (website

8/30 There are a string of Western press,  mostly, small, independent & on the fringe type press, that follows & support BNM & BSO & reports on the many atrocities by Pakistan’s security apparatus

9/30 However, most global level press, such as Reuters, reports news of occupied Balochistan, from Pakistan point of view

10/30 With the context of area culture & way of life, conflict between BNM Freedom Fighters & Pakistan’s security apparatus, bloody nasty

11/30 BNM & & BSO Social Media Activist Teams, through Social Media activism, have been trying to make contact & gain support from Rights & Global bodies, i.e.

12/30 @amnesty, @hrw, @UN & other European leaders, however, met with no success & my critical thinking & intelligence analysis is that

13/30 “The Very Bloody Nasty Nature of the Conflict” alienates many, particularly, Rights Units, that typically shun “Violence”

14/30 Concerning Pakistan’s current military operation, centers on Mehi Mashkay & latest, area still “Under Pakistani Army Siege”

15/30 Baloch people call event “MashkayMassacre” & reports helicopter patrols (indicating observation and oversight) yet women & children injured & martyred (no verification)

16/30 The Pakistan military offense on Baloch people, involves also, Pakistan air raid & operation still underway

17/30 Additionally, unclear relate to current offense (no intel reports) Pakistani forces abducted and killed BNM members Basit & Ajaz

18/30 from their marriage ceremony in Gowarjak Mashkai, however, typically, such tactic is standard operation, pre war break-out

19/30 Additionally, likely as part of standard, pre war, operation (Psychological Warfare) Pakistan assaulted a funeral ceremony

20/30 News of Balouch people & BNM Freedom Fighters (indicated through Social Media Activism) their spirit remain strong & adamant

21/30 BNM core philosophy as described by Wikipedia: “The movement propagates the view that Muslims are not a nation (the opposite

22/30 of the concept behind the creation of Pakistan) and that ethnic loyalty must surpass religious loyalty”

23/30 The Beloch people is an ethno linguistic group mainly found in Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan

24/30 There is no critical thinking & intelligence analysis, & also operation news, of BNM, operating for Freedom & Independence, in

25/30 Iran and Afghanistan

26/30 For me, as an activist on “Democracy, Liberty, Justice & Rights” issue, focusing on collateral on children & women

27/30 I must, strongly, criticize, BNM & & BSO that their “Social Media Activism Team” for not providing, verifiable facts & data

28/30 On children & women, injured & killed, by Pakistan current offense, as claimed by BNM & BSO “Socia lMedia Activist Team”

29/30 Example of plea on twitter: Mehi being demolished by PakistaniArmy many got killed. Is their any one to hear. @amnesty @hrw @BBCBreaking

30/30 Example of plea on twitter: Pakistani military aggression continues in Mashkay for the second consecutive day. Death toll rises to 14


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