From Canada, to Brazil, to US & to UN: When Will The Press Not Fail Indigenous on News Reporting?

A few weeks ago, someone posted a photo journalism, with an article, about how JOURNALISM, had failed Canada’s indigenous people & today Free Tenharim (@PersonalEscrito) twitter that Brazil’s National Congress trying to approve a constitutional amendment that would deliver the power of demarcation of indigenous lands to the owners of Brazilian agribusiness allies of multinationals. That move, if approve, would be the start of a new “Slow Genocide” of Brazil’s indigenous people, but, again, little report from any journalist.

Journalist, these days, because of competition, is covering mostly mainstream news, that are attractive to readers, in trying to keep the news house from going belly up, meaning to survive. But journalist, mostly, have forgotten, that journalist are there, to help other survive.

1) From 20 April to 1 May 2015 the 14th Session of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues was held at UN Headquarters, New York

on important Indigenous Issues > someone noted, at this UN meet, few JOURNALIST reported on the event

2) Not only Canada & UN > US President Obama (@POTUS) & wife, also very active on indigenous issue, being Native Americans

3) & Obama (@POTUS) held several meetings at the White House, with Native Americans, to help raise awareness on the issue

4) & same with Canada, Brazil & UN meet, the Obama (@POTUS) events with Native Americans, also little reported on, by JOURNALIST

I just want to remind the global JOURNALIST (if they see this) @Reuters, had reported on the plight of Rohingya, for years. Must the global JOURNALIST except for a very few, “WAIT” for indigenous & occupy countries issue, i.e. Brazil reach genocide, before the globe JOURNALIST react & start covering important indigenous & occupied countries issues? Indigenous & occupied countries, are also issues, with wide implications, for JOURNALIST to consider.

1) For example, Brazil is looking for investment from the West (i.e. US) as it is wiping out indigenous people

2) As the leader of the West, Obama (@POTUS) is trying hard to raise awareness of indigenous (Native Americans)


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