BRICS in 2015: A Dead End Story?

A person, name Joe, asked me about BRICS (The grouping of Brazil, Russia, India, South Africa & China) on Twitter, saying it seems there is no hope left for the BRICS.

(Up-Dated) It is August and Bloomberg just reported a story by Ye Xie at Bloomberg (see here) saying in the introduction:  “Just 14 years ago Wall Street fell in love with the BRICs, the tidy acronym for four major emerging economies that, to many, looked like sure winners. Today, after heady runs and abrupt reversals, most of the BRICs — in fact, mostdeveloping nations — look like big-time losers.”

The following is my answer:

1) Hi Joe, funny u should ask, but other day I saw an interesting twitter post, from a credible unit, saying today’s tyrants are

2) Coordinating & learning from each other, & that is the BRICS for u, meaning, being Brazil, Russia, India, China & South Africa

3) Problem is that according to some theory, on momentum & energy, the BRICS are, thus, pulling each other in “Tyrant Direction”

4) But depends on what u believe in, i.e. economic & development model, but for me, “Tyrant Direction” style of development, is

5) “Not Sustainable” & then if u ask what then BRICS prospect, based on my belief in “Tyrant Style” development “Not Sustainable”

6) The answer, if u believe in the theory, “Of the 1%, By the 1% & For the 1%” the prospect of BRICS is tied to, i.e. Wall Street

7) So what I am trying to say, is that there is a “Correlation & Relationship” between BRICS & i.e. Wall Street

8) My “Unifying Theory” takes into account geo-politics, geo-national-security & geo-economics, meaning BRICS & i.e. Wall Street

9) Thing to watch, to estimate prospect for development with BRICS, is watch this BRICS joint momentum & power into tyrant system

10) & crucially, watch the “Of the 1%, By the 1% & For the 1%” competitive war, inter-play, with the BRICS

11) from my point of view & I have been known to be wrong, so please excuse me, if I am wrong here, but to me, BRICS

12) Been way too aggressive, putting 1% on the defensive & thus, BRICS development, will be slowed, until a new balance is reached cc @JoeKhan01

13) on solution, for BRICS, I do not think there is solution, as the BRICS are now, focus on keeping internal power structure, to

14) Protect their elite, who, if my BRICS slow-down theory correct, will suffer little from developmental slow-down or repression


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